7 Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is second most common cancer among females in India after cervical cancer. In India the awareness programs are mostly concentrated in the big cities and do not reach rural parts of the country. There is lack of an organised screening program,  diagnostic aids, and general indifference towards the health of women in our society due to its patriarchal mindset. All these pose hindrances in early diagnosis of breast cancer.


Here are some ways to check the symptoms for breast cancer:

  • Swelling, if seen in breasts along with the lumps and mass, pain in the breasts and the nipples turning inward are likely to be the symptoms of breast cancer.
  • A lump which is painless and hard should not be overlooked. This can also lead to infection and cyst, therefore a regular breast check up is generally advised.

Health professional Dr Sumita Prabhakar, who is a gynaecologist in the Combined Medical Institute in Dehradun informs about the prevailing causes of breast cancer as, “Menopausal hormone practices increase the risk for breast cancer. Young females also face the same at time. Mothers who don’t feed milk to their babies properly, may also have high risk as it leads to swelling up of breasts and becomes cancerous later.”

  • By keeping an eye on the breast size and shape regularly.
  • If you find and orange peel churning out of the breast skin, then that can be an early symptoms of having cancer.
  • Redness near the nipples is another important sign of having cancer, therefore, a regular check has to be maintained.
  • A discharge from the nipples, sometimes in the form of blood or a thickened tissue in and around the breast, is time to get checked by the doctors.
  • Pain in the armpits or breast in the usual days of the month can be another indication. The pain is generally observed during women’s menstrual cycle of the month, but if a woman feels pain in the armpits or in breasts, then that is an indication to get a health check-up immediately.

Breast fitness is recommended by many doctors around the world. Dr Jayant Nawani, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Doon Valley Nursing Home in Dehradun says, “These days women are not following a proper and healthy lifestyle. A proper diet is mandatory for every woman."

He further says, "Girls have to keep themselves physically active by regularly exercising and maintain a fitness in their crucial years of development."

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