7 Natural Ways To Purify The Air In Your Home

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Air pollution has been a problem in India for long. India is now competing with China’s massive air pollution problem. In fact, the MIT Technology Review says that India’s air pollution is the worst and deadliest in the world.

Coal mining, industrialisation, a boom of cars and a lack of regulations is what has caused this state. Delhi is the most polluted city in India.

Greenpeace India also released a report stating that there are 1.2 million deaths related to air pollution in India

We are in a position where clean air is a necessity. We can’t be breathing harmful chemicals, smoke and other particulate matter all the time! So, what can we do to improve the air quality? It is bad enough when you walk out on the roads and have to cover your nose because you can hardly breathe in those chemicals and fumes, it is worse when you feel the air inside your own home isn’t fresh.

Here are a few small tips that can help improve the air quality in your home.

Get An Air Cleaning Plant
There are several plants available in the market today that help clean indoor air. They clean the toxic chemicals from the air and give you pure, oxygen. In general, planting more trees and plants helps reduce the air toxicity levels. So keep your house green!

Purify the air in your home with an indoor plant // Pic credits: Rodale’s Organic Life

Mop Every Day
Instead of using poisonous cleaning agents, try and use apple cider vinegar and an essential oil (for fragrance). After dusting up the house, it is best to mop it up. This absorbs the dust particles and other particles from the air.

Keep The Exhaust On
Whenever you cook, or take a bath, keep the exhaust on so that all the fumes go out and don’t stay in. When you’re taking a shower, make sure the exhaust is on so that the moisture goes outward. Humidity can worsen the air quality.

Buy An Air Purifier
Air purifiers are easily available nowadays. They are machines that suck the air from your home, clean up the particulate matter and release the clean air. This can be especially helpful if you have allergies. It can help if you have an infant or a pet at home too.

Air purifiers are the latest gadgets that purify the air in your home // Pic credits: NDTV Gadgets

Increase Ventilation
Keep your doors and windows open, especially during the summers, so that there is cross ventilation and all the build up of stale, polluted air is cleaned out.

No Air Fresheners
Air fresheners contain harmful and toxic chemicals that are let released into the air. They are fragrant, but in fact, they increase the toxicity of air. Instead, use natural scents, such as beeswax candles, essential oils, citrus fruits, etc.

Smoke Outside
Make your house a no-smoking zone. If you or your friends smoke, ask them to light up their cigarettes outside the house – in the balcony or terrace. Smoking not only causes air toxicity, it can cause other diseases such as asthma, cancer and more.

Pic credits: Narada News

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