We would be lying if we said we love 9 to 5  desk jobs. Yes, it helps us to pay the bills and bring food to the table, but it also kills us with monotony. However, few people actually dare to think out of the box and convert their passion into a profession. Here, we have listed 7 not-so-common career choices.

1) Food Stylist: Yes, that’s a job, you can be a freelance food stylist for photoshoots or you can be a permanent food stylist with some five-star restaurants who swear by top-notch food presentation.

2) Body Painter: This is predominantly a freelance job, you can work for photographers or you can attend various events where you can put up stalls and people will come rushing to you for getting their body painted.

3) Professional Cuddler: This is not too common in India,yet, but in western countries, people call up these professional cuddlers for cuddling sessions to relieve stress and anxiety. The best part is that you get paid on an hourly basis.

4) Ice-cream Taster: Sounds great, isn’t it? You get paid to actually eat ice creams. Companies hire  professional tasters to rate different flavours created by them and to know how well they do in the market.

5) Water slide Tester: What? Free roller-coaster rides with no long queues and money. This is a dream come true, and some people are actually living it. Amusement parks hire them to test-ride new slides and to rate the experience.

6) Home/ hotel Decorator: Well, not exactly an odd job, but it pays pretty well. They generally work with interior designers and help them. Hotels get refurbished all the time, but they can’t exactly always renovate, these decorators with just a few changes give a whole new look to the area.

7) Blogger: If you are passionate about food, fashion, travelling, etc. and have a flair for language this job is for you. Restaurants, hotels, fashion brands  engage bloggers for social media networking.

So are you ready to take the plunge?

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