65-year-old Beggar In Jammu and Kashmir, Found With Rs 2.58 Lakh

beggar in Jammu and Kashmir
A 65-year-old beggar in Jammu and Kashmir surprisingly turned out to be the owner of 2.58 lakh rupees.

On Tuesday, a party of the Municipal Committee cleared her ragged temporary shelter, which was outside a veterinary hospital. Much to their surprise, they found three plastic boxes, containing notes of various denominations. They also found a jute bag filled with coins.

“As soon as the information was shared, I immediately deputed a police party along with a magistrate. After hectic efforts of several hours, the counting revealed a total amount of Rs 2,58,507,” Sukhdev Singh Samyal, the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Nowshera told PTI.

The money will be returned to the beggar on Wednesday. According to reports, the woman had been begging for money for the past 30 years.

Samyal said that the beggar had been roaming the streets, in the vicinity of the veterinary hospital, and bus stand, for over 30 years. She was then shifted to a shelter home, for homeless people, in the Rajouri district, Jammu and Kashmir, on Monday. Other details about the woman are still unknown. Nobody knows where exactly the woman came from.

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On May 27, the Maharashtra police found a beggar’s bag containing Rs 1 lakh 72 thousand 290 rupees, in the state’s Beed district. The beggar named Baburam Nayakwade, came to the police to complain about his missing bag and was crying about it. The police were reportedly shocked when the beggar revealed that his bag contained over one lakh rupees.

After much effort, the police finally found his bag and advised him to keep all the money in a bank account. No money was missing from his bag after it was found.