60% of Decision Toolbox’s employees are working-from-home mothers

Most women hit a roadblock in their careers a when they start families. A small break usually stalls their careers and some even struggle to find jobs. There is a ray of hope for such women. Kim Shepherd, the CEO of Decision Toolbox, has 100 employees, 70 of whom are women and 60 of them are mothers.


The CEO of the company, Shepherd was raised by a single mother and was one of the four children. This inspired her to start a project that offered work-life balance for women with families. “We built this company on a model that is a magnet for moms. Gen Y women are really changing the workplace, demanding that they have a way to manage their entire lives” says Shepherd who does not have children, reported Forbes.


All the employees of the company have a lot of flexibility in terms of work and can set their own schedules with very little restrictions. Some of the employees work full-time while others are part-time workers. Shepherd told Forbes, “We have people who only want to earn $60,000 per year and work part-time. I have other people who earn $160,000,” Shepherd says. “We positioned the jobs so that they attract people with strong at-home work ethics. If you don’t have it you will get killed.”


[Picture Credits:  The Young Mommy Life]


This model seems to be working for the company as the Decision Toolbox is a three-time Inc. 5,000 winner and has reported sales of $7.8 million and a 46 percent growth in the last three years. Shepherd currently expects sales of at least $9 million for 2014. She adds, “Working moms invented multi-tasking. It doesn’t matter how many things are in front of my sister, if she has to run one kid to soccer, another to gymnastics, she does it and gets the car washed and the food cooked, and is still successful at her career. Working moms are super-human.”