Whether the technology is a curse or a boon depends on how we use it. Internet scams and data hacking is making it to the headlines every now and then. Be conscious of the pros and cons of the space you’re using. The online world is not a very safe place, you need to stay updated while using the worldwide web to not let it turn into your biggest nightmare.

Read on to know about some good tech habits to ensure online safety.

1) Regularly check the privacy setting on your social networking sites: It has been established that social networking sites aren’t exactly the poster child for confidentiality. Hackers are always finding new ways to hack personal data. Thousands of sites on Google can teach you how to hack a profile. So to stay safe regularly and update your privacy settings.

2) Beware of Malware: Viruses are a threat to the smooth functioning of your system. Keep reading about them and install a good anti- virus and keep your versions up to date.

3) Enlighten yourself with the internet frauds: Scammers are always finding new ways to lure you. No genuine company sends you a surprise gift and ask for your bank details. Do not trust the internet. Be vigilant, keep yourself safe.

4) Avoid using public- Wi-Fi: Yes, it’s very tempting to connect to free Wi-Fi, open networks are all we keep looking for. But do you know it is so easy to fetch in your credentials when you’re logged into the all-access Wi-Fi? Just because the Wi-Fi is secured with passwords doesn’t mean they are safe.

5) Always make sure you’re using secure sites: Internet is a public space. There are protected sites that can keep your data safe. Like https for some sites, these are enabled by default. Also, when you’re logging in from someone else’s laptop make sure accounts are SSL encrypted.

6) Keep changing your passwords: Yes, it is tedious, and there is always a chance of forgetting the passwords but better safe than sorry.

Also, keep on probing on the internet to find new ways to keep yourself protected. Learn to be Aware.

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