6 Tips For People Who Choose Work From Home

Malvika Shah
Apr 26, 2017 01:08 IST
Working from home

Working from home may look like fun, people often feel it would involve a lot of free time and leisure, sure it saves a lot of time from traveling but that’s won't be the case if you don’t manage your time well, and don’t set specific working guidelines. Chances are you might end up working  more hours and be more stressed out.


So here are few tips to keep in mind if you’re working remotely:

1) Plan a schedule: Plan your daily schedule and stick to it, set proper working hours and professionally follow it. You might think work from home would mean working whenever you feel like, don’t get into that habit, it’s going to prove counter-productive in long run. Stick to your schedule, and don’t do anything else while you’re working. And don’t work beyond the set time (unless it’s an emergency).

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2) Decide a place: It is very important to decide on your working space to give you a daily routine. Let it be any place that you like or feel comfortable at. But clearly define your working zone, and stick to it professionally.

3) Have a routine and be properly dressed: Yes being in your pyjamas sounds fun, but it won’t give you the motivation needed to start working. Have a proper schedule just like you would have when you actually go out to work. Complete the daily chorus on time and dress neatly, this will give a more professional touch and keep you motivated.

4) Take your work just as seriously: Would you really go late to work if you know you have a specific working hours and someone is going to keep a track on it? Well take remote working just as seriously, be your own watchdog. If you don’t take your timings seriously chances are people around you won’t either. Tell them when you’re at work you can’t be disturbed.

5) Break the Monotony: You’re not surrounded by people as you usually would be in a traditional office. Working alone can get a little monotonous, just to break the monotony go out once in a while to work, maybe you go alone at some cafe house or schedule a client meeting at some restaurant, doing it is important.

6) Communication is the key: Make sure remote working doesn’t become working without any communication. Not all communication can happen over emails, keep the professional communication through emails, but still schedule calls (voice calls/ video calls) in case of some query or for laying down some clarifications. Also make it a point to meet your clients or other co-worker once in a while to maintain the relationship.

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