6 Parenting Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

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The fear and the joy of being a new parent is overwhelming, parents are ready to do anything and everything for their bundle of joy. Sometimes this over-enthusiasm leads to pitfalls that can make or break a child’s future. There are no set right or wrong parenting styles, whatever you adopt it should work for you.


We worked with Rushika Mehta, who is a psychology graduate and chalked out these 6 common parenting mistakes. Read on to know more.

1) Pampering Kids a Lot: Yes, as a parent you want to give all the happiness in the world to your kid, you want to protect them from all the evils and give them an easy life, but you won’t be able to take away all the troubles once he/she enters the real world, you won’t be able to provide him/her with everything that he/she demands. Learn to say no to unreasonable demands, be firm when you are setting a rule.

2) Neglecting Your Kids: Don’t neglect your kid’s problems, and if he/she is doing something to catch your attention, then they need it because right now, you’re the only one they can talk to or rely on. Talk to your kids, try to understand their problems, reason it out with them. When they do something they are not supposed to, ask them why and try to understand their problem instead of giving them a punishment and calling it a day.

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3) Being Overprotective and Saying NO All The Time: Yes it’s important to protect your child, but sometimes you need to take a back seat, and let them learn it on their own. Also, when you tell them no for something reasons it out.

4) Don’t Shatter Their Confidence: When your kid is trying to do something new, don’t stop them by saying they can’t do it. Try saying “this looks fun, let’s do it together” or “doing that is tricky do you need some help with that?” Make sure your words instil confidence in them. Let them try new things, it is okay if they fail you are there.


5) Shunning or Threatening Kids: No, that’s not the right way to stop your kid from doing something, it’s just going to imbibe fear and in future, they won’t trust you with their problems or their mistakes. Always reason out and explain it to them as to why he or she is being punished. It is important that the child understands the reason behind the punishment.

6) Being Too lenient and saying Yes All the Time: Kids need to be independent, but they are still young and need guidance. You can let them make their decisions but you have to be firm and tell them to stop when they are toeing the line.

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