6 Destinations Forbidden For Women

no entry for women

We live in a world where women’s freedom of movement is largely curtailed. From not letting women enter temples to restricting their entry without males, patriarchs across the world end up giving the most baseless reasons for thwarting women’s freedom.

Read about these 6 destinations in the world which forbid the entry of women.

1. Saudi Arabia

Do you have a brother? Are you married? If you do not fulfill these conditions, I fear that you wouldn’t be allowed to enter the territory of Saudi Arabia. The country has made it mandatory for women to be accompanied by male members. Quite unfair, right?

2. Sabarimala Temple, Kerala

Women's restrictions in temples

Source: Financial Express

The temple was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. According to a tradition being followed, women falling under the menstrual age-bracket cannot enter the temple. So, if you are anything between 10 and 50, forget about seeking the blessings of the Goddess there.

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3. Mount Athos, Greece

Besides women, these monasteries are averse to female animals also. That’s what you call a heightened sense of misogyny. The authorities are of the view that even the sight of a woman can disrupt their celibacy.

4. Murifield Gold Club, Scotland

Murifields, Scotland

Murifields, Scotland
Source: Nicklaus.com

In another attempt to restrict women from venturing into the male-dominated field of sports, Murifield has banned the entry of women. They are not allowed to hold a club membership. Even last year, they were not allowed to garner enough votes in favour of women.

5. Galaxy Rutschenparadies Water Park, Germany

It seems that restricting women’s entry into temples and golf clubs was not enough for chauvinists who have curbed women’s right to recreation as well. There is a water park in Germany that forbids women’s entry because they feel that their female anatomy can be a reason for their injury. Gynaecologists have tried to clarify that it is a baseless argument and that only a small section of pregnant women can be affected by this.

6. Mount Omine, Japan

Myths related to women’s menstruation are prevalent in Japan as well. Mount Omine is a holy place for pilgrims, but it bars the entry of women because they consider menstruating women to be “impure” who can  ruin the sanctity of the place.

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