50-Year-Old Woman Falls In Love With 20-Year-Old House Help, Gets Married

After Nazia employed Sufiyan, she grew to like his behaviour, habits and thinking over time.

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50-year-old woman marries house help
A 50-year-old Pakistani woman fell in love with her 20-year-old house help and the couple tied the nuptial knot.

Nazia, a woman from Islamabad had been living alone and fell in love with Sufiyan, her house help. She had hired him for a salary of 18,000 rupees per month. Later, she fell in love with him and the couple got married.

50-Year-Old Woman Marries House Help

Nazia spoke about her and Sufiyan’s relationship in an interview with YouTuber Syed Basid Ali. She spoke about how she lived alone in her house and needed help with the housework. After Nazia employed Sufiyan, she grew to like his behaviour, habits and thinking over time.

She described Sufiyan as a person who respects everyone around him and has never looked at anyone the wrong way. Nazia added that his simplicity led to her falling in love with him and proposing.

Nazia said during the interview, “Sufiyan had fainted after I said 'I love you' and later responded with ‘I love you too’”. She added that Sufiyan took care of all of her needs, such as bringing medicine when she was ill to cooking food.


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The interviewer said, "You could have married any rich man, why did you decide to marry Sufiyan?" Nazia agreed and said that other people told her the same thing and she had received marriage offers, however, she did not like them and was not fond of their habits. But, when she met Sufiyan and spent time with him, she was assured that he was a good person and fell in love with him.

The couple also compared each other to celebrities Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif and dedicated songs to each other. Nazi dedicated the song Humne Aana Hoga Duniya Mein Dobara to Sufiyan, while he dedicated the song Kacchi Pencil Naal to her.

Syed Basit Ali's ">interview with Nazia and Sufiyan was posted on YouTube with the title, "Owner and Servant Positive Story from Islamabad". The video received more than a million views and has close to 10,000 likes.

The comments were filled with people wishing them a happy life and marriage together. One user wrote, "Beautiful couple. God bless you both". Another user wished them a happy married life and said, "What a romantic story".

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