Candy Law in a midriff-baring dress


A beauty that goes beyond the notion of age and time. A beauty that is timeless. That is the kind of beauty that Miss Asia Pageant winner of 1991, Candy Law, possesses. She is not only beautiful but also maintains a svelte figure that makes her look not only gorgeous but also sexy and all that at the age of 50. In a recent furore on the internet, the netizens are taken by a sweet surprise by Law who posted a photobook in her facebook account to show that she feels 50 is fabulous.

Candy Law in a sporty look

Former model from Hong Kong, Law is a mother of three sons. She posed in front of the camera in a revealing photo shoot which showed her lithe figure in exposing dresses, bikinis and gowns. While travelling for the photo shoot to Seoul, Law had a luggage of over 80 pairs of shoes and 15 suitcases of clothes.

Candy law with her two sons
Candy Law with her youngest son

Law, who got divorced two years back, experimented with various looks this time in many 10-hour long shoots. “I tried to go all out this time. With the combinations of different makeups and hairstyles, not even my friends could recognise me from the pictures,” she said to Asiaone.

Candy Law in a flowy gown


She took a break from modelling to start a family after winning the pageant, reports Lifestyle weblog Shanghaiist. In a philanthropic drive, she will give parts of the proceeds from the photobook to the charity to help battered children and women. 3000 copies of the photobook have already been sold out in Hong Kong. “Beautiful body” and “wow gorgeous” are some of the comments that she garnered on Facebook.

Picture Courtesy- Asiaone