The recent Chandigarh stalking case has once again put the spotlight on the abysmal condition of women’s safety at night. As a result, a lot of women are choosing to guard themselves by taking some safety measures while travelling at night. SheThePeople.Tv spoke to 5 working women about the various precautions they take before stepping out at night.

Using technology to stay safe

“To be honest, I hardly travel alone at night. In fact, I avoid travelling alone in cities where I know it’s not safe. But if I have to, I switch on Google Maps to ensure we are going on the right route. Moreover, I always opt for the routes full of traffic rather than empty roads,” says freelance writer Ritika Tiwari.

Staying cautious is the key to safety 

“Keeping a peppermint spray is a mandatory thing for me when I  am travelling, whether it is day or at night. If travelling out alone at night, I make sure that my phone’s battery is fully charged. I keep my near ones’ numbers at hand. Also, I keep myself on the main road. I stay cautious about the people/vehicles travelling all around,” says Latika Wadhwa, Founder of Mompreneur Circle.

I carry a Swiss knife with me every time – Urshita Saini

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Keep chilly powder to defend yourself

Kusha Kalra, Life-Coach and Founder of “Happy Lives”, says:

“Biggest safety measure is to avoid going out unless it is an emergency. If I still have to go, I make sure I charge my phone battery to call at home in case of emergency.”

She adds that she prefers keeping some chilly powder in her purse to defend herself. She notes down the cab number and shares it with people home as soon as she boards the cab. She stays connected with them through messages.

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“Also, I can’t wear heavy jewellery in case I have to attend a wedding or party, while travelling. So I tend to wear it just before I reach the destination and then remove it while going back home,” she says.

Prefer travelling in your own vehicle

“Whenever I need to travel at night, I have to ensure that I have my own vehicle. My phone needs to have sufficient battery. I make sure my parents are up all night till the time I reach back home safely. I was also suggested to carry a Swiss knife with me at all times and with the instances that I faced, I actually carry it with me all the time, be it day or night,” says Urshita Saini, a birth photographer based in Delhi.

“I make sure my phone battery is charged and is in my hand to call at home in case of emergency.” – Urshita Saini

“I call my parents when I travel by cab at night. I also make sure that I share details with my parents so that they can keep tracing me. And I keep talking on the phone and tell them about my location so that the cab driver understands that I am tracing him. I also a pay a lot of attention to the routes he is following through GPS,” shares Abhidha Sharma, a photographer based in Mumbai.

What safety measures do you follow while travelling at night? Share with us in the comments section.

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