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5 Ways You Can Maintain A Healthy Diet (Without Breaking It!)

Selina Periampillai on shethepeople

Admit it we all have tried our hands on dieting and some of us have failed horribly at it. It is difficult to control all the cravings? And somehow these cravings seem to increase just when we decide to start with our diet. Give me hands up if exactly the day you decided to start with your diet, something came up that made you break it the  very same day.

Maintaining a full-fledged diet is difficult, but here our few cheat tricks that will trick your mind into consuming less calories and eat healthy.

1) Size of the plate:

What’s in the size they say? Well many things, your brain tends to take the quantity of the food in proportion of the size of your plate. So let’s say if you take a bigger plate you’re likely to consume more food than if you take a smaller one. So basically whenever you’re indulging into an unhealthy craving take a small cup or plate, this will trick your brain into taking a small portion of the food and make it think like it had a plate full of its unhealthy craving. Alternatively whenever you’re eating fruits or vegetable or anything healthy take a bigger plate and keep yourself full for longer time.

2) Don’t indulge into your craving when hungry:

Unhealthy cravings are at its peak when you’re hungry, this will lead you to consume more of the unhealthy food than needed. So basically whenever you’re hungry, 1st fill up your stomach with something healthy like fruits or sauté vegetables or some whole grain meal rich in nutrition, then few bites of the craved food with make the cravings go away. Also don’t ignore your craving and stay hungry because in the end you will find yourself binge eating that food.

3) Out of sight out of mind:

So this cheat is whenever you buy/store unhealthy food store it into small containers, away from the easy reach of your eyes, many times we start having cravings just because we see it in front of us, and to support this move keep healthy foods like fruits or healthy snacks in easy reach. So whenever you open your fridge or any place where you store food the 1st few lines should be of healthy snacks and let the unhealthy one go back in the counter.

4) Do your grocery shopping wisely:

Many times when we go grocery shopping we tend to buy foods we don’t really need, to avoid the buying of unhealthy foods, 1st: you can spend more time in the healthy section of the store so even if you buy more food, you end up buying the healthy one. 2nd: make a list of the items you actually need and roughly estimate your amount, don’t carry money more than required to complete the list, this will prevent you from buying unhealthy food.

5) Exercise, and drink a lot of water:

So when you exercise you feel healthy this will increase your desire to eat healthy. Also exercising will guilty trip your brain if you consume unhealthy food into thinking that it’s wasting the hard work done by you, but make sure you drink a lot of water and keep your stomach full my healthy food so you don’t indulge into something unhealthy because of your hunger.

P.S: Remember hunger is your biggest enemy, so keep yourself full all the time by eating healthy which will keep the cravings for unhealthy food at bay.

I hope these few tricks help you in your decision of eating healthy and staying fit.