5 Ways Twitter Can Make You Smarter

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According to a report, Twitter has managed to attract a million more new users than expected in the first three months of 2017. At present, there are about 328 million in the first three months of the year. Isn’t that a giant leap?  Within a span of 11 years, Twitter has registered itself as the most popular social media website.

Do you have a Twitter account? If the answer is  No, then it is time for you to sign up. Because twitter can make you smarter. Read on to know why.

1. 140 characters

So that’s the real challenge! You cannot go on and on elucidating your feelings on an issue. Twitter wants it to stay short and crisp. And that’s how the 140 characters rule works. Remove those unnecessary words, stick to the main point and convey what you want to. Isn’t that a great exercise for your grey cells?

2. Celebrities are accessible

Where else will you get your favourite people reply to you? Almost every celebrity owns a twitter account and the good news is that they are responsive. Besides this, they also give a lot of insight into their personal lives which is rare on any other platform.

3. Interesting people to follow

You must be bestowed with caring people around you but are all of them interesting? That’s the point. Twitter is replete with people who really have something interesting to say. Some will share health tips, others will help you with your relationship issues and some are plain and simple funny. Following them can add to your intellectual growth and make you smarter day by day.

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4. Stay updated with breaking news

Thanks to Twitter, there is no need for you to read the newspaper. Twitter will do it for you by keeping you updated with the breaking news in real time. You will also know everything as it happens and enjoy the videos and memes taking the internet by storm.

5. Learn some punchlines

The world is in need of humorous people. With so much seriousness around, we need someone to lighten the atmosphere and keep us in good spirits. Most of the tweets are punchlines. Make those a part of your daily conversations and you up your smartness quotient.

So, what is holding you back from having an account on twitter?

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