5 Ways To Make A Rainy Day Special

rainy day

Do you love rain? Are you one of those who instantly alter their other plans when it pours? If yes, you are definitely a pluviophile. A rainy day is all you need to recharge your jaded batteries and feel optimistic about yourself and others.

Read on to know 5 things you can look forward to on a rainy day:

1. Bring out those colourful clothes

Monsoon is the best time to experiment with your style statement. Form interesting prismatic combinations and walk around in style. It will uplift your mood instantly.

2. Meet friends over a cup of tea

Meeting friends can be a therapeutic experience for you. Find some time from your busy schedule to catch up with them. Reminisce about your good old days spent with them. Discuss each other’s odysseys. The delectable weather will give you the perfect backdrop you need to enjoy and nurture your camaraderie with your friends.

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3. Just roam around in the city

You would have seen every nook and corner of your city but there is something mysterious about the rain that makes places more attractive. Ditch your umbrella and head out fearlessly. You will fall in love with your city all over again.

4. Bring out the writer or poet in you

Do you feel you always had a creative side to you which got stifled by the monotonous work life. It is time to revive that side of yours. Pen down that poem you had been reciting to yourself for all these years. Write down that story that has been giving you sleepless nights. Rain is known to have a cathartic influence on people.

5. Watch the sky pouring 

Enjoying the sight of rain is in itself an enchanting experience. Smell the fragrance of the wet sand, touch the raindrops falling on your window. Immerse yourself in this magnificent phenomena of nature and try to get in touch with your inner self.

So, how has your tryst with rain been? Do write in.

Picture credit: The Odyssey online

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