5 Tips From World Leaders- For Entrepreneurs to Stay Fit

A leader of today must neither be a jack of all trades, nor a master of one. They must be a master of all trades. As dynamic and exciting as that life looks on the outside, what you probably didn’t imagine in that fantasy is yourself  as a round rum ball with the diet similar to last year’s pie-eating champion, and health like your grandmother’s. We all know self-discipline is the hardest kind, and you’d tend to let yourself go and put yourself last in the pursuit of professional priorities, not realizing that all the success in the long run will be redundant if you don’t have the sanity or the fitness left to enjoy it. Here is a list we compiled for all you busy bees, with tips and easy hacks from world leaders, so that you don’t lose yourself keeping up with that buzzy life:


 1. POTUS’ Cheats:

If he runs the world’s greatest economy and still looks like he could take you down in a street fight – his fitness regime is probably legit. Since he can’t have a  dedicated slot at the gym, he uses the more strenuous way of doing his routine activities. He runs up and down the corridor leading up to his office to loosen up, then takes the stairs (wherever the secret service lets him), keeps a flask handy- of water. In meetings where a setting is conducive to a Walk-and-Talk, he always suggests that. That doesn’t seem too hard to do, does it?


2. PM Modi’s Eureka Moment- 


His secret has been out for sometime now- staying true to his Make in India state of mind, he’s chosen to count on an Indian treasure to keep his body like a well-oiled machine at 60, just like he does with this massive democracy. He swears by the virtues of Yoga. And while he can’t pull out a mat on a lawn every morning, he has chosen some handy asanas that he may practice on the go – t0 stay fit, focused and at peace, most importantly.


3. MOBAMA’s No Mercy Method:


The First Lady of the world- mom of two, entrepreneur and fitness expert- she’s trained herself to wake up before the crack of dawn, because she has realized that the world needs her as soon as they’d start waking up. Self-discipline came to her easy, as she was doing this for no one but herself and the me-time was a god-send. She spends the first hour of the day going for a run, exercising at home or just stretching, so she’s all ready to pump some energy into the day. (Pic Credit: Fit & Feminist)



Pic Credit: Fit And Feminist


4. Oprah Winfrey Gets Real:


It’s difficult to imagine Oprah Winfrey dead serious about anything- but believe it or not, she follows quite a surgical assembly of activities to stay fit and maintain that endearing glow on her face. They otherwise wound-up Winfrey shuts herself in solitude every so often- to, get this- meditate. That’s two testimonies to the goodness of breathing right you have so far. Go for it.


5. Nita Ambani Says Exercise Can be Fun:


Running the business might be all work, but her exercise sure does have its shar of play. Instead of carving out a to-do list for herself, she instead, turned her hobbies into her exercise. We all know her to be that graceful breathtaking danseuse,  and that passion of hers doubles up as a work out. Besides that, she loves unwinding with a swim, and gets to spend some quality time with her little ones too, while she’s at it.


Image Credits: Play.playnlive.com