This March – the women’s day month – Feminist Rani is a very special one. Putting the spotlight on Mary Dore, a feminist filmmaker who directed She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry. Dore is known for her candid style, brilliant storytelling and deep understanding of the subject of gender balance and feminism.

Her work has won Emmy’s, Cine Golden Eagles and Cable Ace awards.

Many of her documentaries have also been showcased at the New York, Toronto, Sundance and London Film Festivals.


'She is beautiful when she is Angry' Cover
‘She is beautiful when she is Angry’ Cover


She has been a part of the feminist movement in the west

She came into the movement a little after the activists featured in the film, and realized the lack of documentation of their struggle. Hence her great efforts to creating the ecosystem for the same.

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Mary is going to create history in feminist history documentation!

She is coming up with education material and research information, based on her movie.

Marlene Sanders, Mary-Jean Collins, Mary Dore, Alice WolfSon and Nancy Kennedy share some light moments
Marlene Sanders, Mary-Jean Collins, Mary Dore, Alice WolfSon and Nancy Kennedy share some light moments

She created the beautiful documentary called ‘She is Beautiful When She is Angry’, a holistic film about the women’s movement from the 1960s to 70s.

It covers some of the most innovative movements that took place in the west, and has shaped modern-day feminism, as it is today. The movie maps the trajectory of the biggest social movement of the last century, featuring feminist activists like Kate Millet, Karla Jay, Ellen Willis, Jo Freeman and many more. For the first time, all historical movements, organizations and their stories have been curated, and with such precision! The film reveals roots of the infamous reproductive rights of the west, black feminism and recognition of women’s rights as human rights.

Infographic on the life and feminist contributions of Mary Dore
Feminist contributions of Mary Dore


She used her paid screenings as fund raising venues for organizing free screenings for students!

Great move, especially keeping in view the historical importance the film carries, and the fact that it explains the idea of feminism in the most objective way possible.