5 Reasons Why Household Work Should Be Everyone's Responsibility

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Are you one of those working women who juggles between the roles of a working professional and a doting mother and wife at home? Do your family members hold the view that your presence at home is vital for the family’s well-being? In this case, it is time to ensure that household work no longer remains just your domain.


Read to know these five reasons why household work should be everyone’s responsibility:

1. A step towards combating sexism

Owing to the patriarchal structure of Indian society, household work is still a significant part of a woman’s life. Imagining an Indian woman’s life without household work is as incomplete as Agra without Taj Mahal. According to a research conducted by the World Economic Forum, women in India spend an average of 351.59 minutes every day doing household work; men spend just 51 minutes on such duties.

The stark difference between the amount of household work done by men and women in India is an obstacle that is hindering the growth of women in our society

It is high time for men to realize that household work is everyone’s responsibility and their contribution in it can go a long way in ensuring marital bliss. Equal division of labour at home will benefit society by doing away with a lot of stereotypes about women. The image of a woman slogging day and night handling household chores needs to fade way. Buying groceries, fruits and vegetables, washing clothes are some chores that deserve equal attention from everyone living in the house.

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 2. Involving kids since childhood

Bringing up kids in a way that makes them responsible and considerate towards their immediate environment is a major task. In India, however, kids are so accustomed to seeing their mothers taking up the lion’s share of domestic duties that they do not feel like helping her with household work. It is perceived as unskilled work and therefore, not worth contributing to. As a result, they grow up devaluing their mothers.

Parents should, in fact, teach their kids to see household work as a shared responsibility.  Helping them understand the need of keeping the house squeaky clean, arranging their cupboard properly and cooking meals independently should be made an intrinsic part of their upbringing. This will not only ensure that they become independent but will do wonders in making them organized, which will affect their personal and professional lives in a positive way.

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3. Busting myths and stereotypes

Another lacuna which needs to be addressed with regard to household work is the way parents choose to bring up their sons and daughters. How many times have we heard daughters being reminded of their primary role as caregiver? How many families encourage their sons to enter the kitchen and cook for the family?


Imposing gender norms on boys and girls with unrealistic views about household work is one mistake which parents must refrain from doing

 4. An opportunity to bond

Getting the whole family involved in household work is a great opportunity to bond and spend quality time with each other. In today’s fast paced life wherein one often finds everyone glued to their smartphones, such activities promote healthy interaction among family members. Try taking your kid along while purchasing grocery. Allow him to do all the calculations. Your kids will reminisce about this golden phase of life once they grow up and thank you for giving them some beautiful memories to ravel in.

5.  To help women do well professionally

A lot of women sacrifice a lucrative career because of their inability to convince their family members that their passions lie with their work. Their educational qualifications stop holding value the moment they decide to give priority to household work.

Sharing of household work will ensure that women start contributing to society in a better way. This will augment their self-esteem and fill them with a sense of self-confidence. Society looks better when more of its people lead a dignified life.


India’s social scenario is in a dire need of transformation. It is time to envision a society that respects its women and gives them the ability to wield power. Taking away the opportunities from women to enhance their mental faculties is a bad idea that is bound to harm everyone in the long run.

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