5 Reasons Why Everyone Must Watch Poorna


Poorna-Courage has no Limit hit the theatres on 31st March. Besides garnering positive views, the movie has managed to inspire an entire generation. Who would believe that a 13-year-old poor tribal girl would reach the summit of the world’s highest peak? It is heartening to see Bollywood redeeming itself by showing stories that really matter and can trigger change.

Here are 5 reasons why everyone must watch Poorna:

1. To acquaint oneself with the social issues plaguing our country

Parents forcing their 13-year-old girls to get hitched, school teachers shirking their duties by not starting classes on time, the dilapidated condition of rural schools and the patriarchy that exists in the country are all social mores hampering the development of children and the country at large.

2. To get inspiration

The story of a young tribal girl overcoming mountainous challenges and reaching the zenith is truly inspiring. For a country that admonishes half its population for belonging to a particular gender, Poorna is refreshing. It proves that age, background and gender of a person do not determine their success. It is the perseverance and determination that triumphs.

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3. To understand the role of mentors in our lives

Poorna’s life transformed the moment she met her mentor. Besides giving her all the right reasons to believe in herself, he also taught her the ten commandments to success that she had memorized by heart. She used those during the most difficult times of her journey. It was his faith in the girl’s abilities that encouraged her to achieve whatever she wanted to.

 4.  To learn to value friendships

There is a scene in the movie where Poorna reads a letter left by her friend Priya who later succumbed to some pregnancy-related complications. Her letter leaves a long-lasting impact on Poorna who then decides to scale Mt. Everest and show it to the world that girls are capable of achieving anything they want. The camaraderie they shared was evident throughout the movie. There is nothing more pure than the bond of friendship that keeps one going.

 5. To take some meaningful risks in life

Running away from home for a rock climbing camp and the decision to continue climbing the mountain despite harsh conditions are some measured risks Poorna took to accomplish the feat. Coincidentally, these were also the two major turning points of her life. Life is all about taking some meaningful risks that eventually become the stepping stones of success.

Such movies are pivotal to start the dialogue around rights of the girl child, including education and most importantly, the right to chase one’s dream.

Image Credits: Deccan Chronicle

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