5 Reasons Why Children Need Feminist Fathers

Feminist fathers

New-age fathers are giving us an important reason to cheer about. They understand the need for gender parity and therefore are advocates of feminism. These men are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they teach their kids about equality for all. It is heartening to see feminist fathers focusing on training their kids well.

Read on to know the various reasons why we need more such feminist fathers.

Set Role Models

Children need role models whom they can look up to. Daughters scrutinise their fathers‘ behaviour very closely to get a hint of his perception of women which eventually plays a critical role in the development of her own self-image.

Do away with Gender Stereotyping

Feminist fathers know, that forcing their kids to conform to gender stereotyping is bad parenting. Gender stereotyping can harm their self-image by curtailing their freedom to do a lot of things. It can hamper their emotional development by preventing them from becoming the person they want to become.

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 Reiterate the concept of Equality

Preaching about equality is not sufficient. Feminist fathers work relentlessly towards transforming the outlook of their children. Asking your son to wash his clothes or your daughter to fix the bulb are wonderful ways of teaching your kids that “division of labour” is an unrealistic idea. Such positive affirmations go a long way and help children in becoming balanced individuals in the long-run.

Talk about Issues that Matter

Feminist fathers can very intelligently make use of media to bring up the topics of gender discrimination and stereotyping.  Watching movies that portray women in a certain way can be followed by a healthy discussion wherein the children are encouraged to speak their minds. Encourage them to read the newspaper every day and highlight everything that you feel is wrong with the society. Teach your son why it is so important to be civil to women.

End Gender-related Violence

Every molester was once a small child. That’s exactly where feminist fathers can step in. Giving your kids the freedom to express their opinions and emotions is a cornerstone to good parenting. Help your son do away with his misconstrued notions of masculinity.

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