5 reasons she is an inspiration for everyone: Meet the President of Kosovo

How often does one hear of a disputed territory having a female President? Yes, that’s right almost never! Well, this time you are in for a surprise as the Republic of Kosovo has chosen its first female president, Atifete Jahjaga, breaking its own records and uplifting prejudices. Here are some of the facts about her which will inspire us all:


1. Among her many firsts apart from being the first female President of Kosovo, she is also the first female head of state in Balkan, the youngest to be elected to the office and the first non-partisan. She also served as Deputy General holding the rank of General Major in the Kosovo Police. This rank is considered to be the highest among women in South-eastern Europe.


2. Though she had her respect being the Police commander, she faced obscurity while contesting for the highest office of Kosovo since many political leaders were unfamiliar with her political achievements. Yet she surpassed everyone and every challenge to become the President.


3. University of Leicester, United Kingdom, from where President Jahjaga did a graduate certificate program in police management and criminal law, celebrated her achievements by honouring her by making her Doctor of Laws.


4. As she took the seat, she aided the initiative to commemorate the contribution of women during the wartime in Kosovo by inaugurating a memorial named ‘Heroinat’ in Pristina. It is the first monument in the country to salute women’s sacrifices and victimization. She also hosted an International Women’s Summit “Partnership for Change—Empowering Women.” It encouraged women to break the barriers of ethnicity and integrate to promote women empowerment throughout Balkans.


5. Not only in her country, President Jahjaga, is active on the international arena as well. She is working without a break to sought greater international recognition for Kosovo as it will help Kosovo develop holistically. She is also working progressively to promote EU integration agenda of her country.


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Feature Pic Credit: In Serbia

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