5 power women to watch out for at the World Economic Forum

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Jen Hyatt

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is like an illuminati event. This is the time when the world's most influential people come together and discuss the trajectory of future development of the world. The ideas discussed and decisions made here will influence what you will know (or not know) about the world, until they meet again next year. Last year the total makeup of attendees at the World Economic Forum was such that women constituted only 17 percent. This year, the number has risen to 18 percent, though it is still quite reflective of the gender gap, especially in power structures.


The main them of this year's event is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and everything around it.

Let's take a look at some of these women and understand what they are bringing to the table with their perspective.

Jen Hyatt:

A Social Entrepreneur herself, Jen has founded the Schwab Foundation, Big White Wall and Foundation Social Entrepreneur. At the conference where the corporate bigwigs are talking about new agendas for offering greater services at lower prices to ensure profitability, she is raising the question of public services.

Jen Hyatt

She said, “Technology has transformed how we bank, shop and entertain ourselves. Now it's time for a revolution in public services. Her focus is on better ideas and the need for doing things differently.



Yao Chen:

Rubbing shoulders with Leonardo Di Caprio, Chinese actress Yao Chen has been honored with the 22nd Crystal Awards. She was also in the Forbes List of top powerful women in the world. She has been active in creating awareness amongst masses and bringing attention to pertinent global issues.

Powerful women attending the World Economic Forum Powerful women attending the World Economic Forum

The Crystal Award is an honor for people in the field of art and entertainment, who are not only successful, but are also using their art to bring a positive, sustainable change.



Theresa Whitmarsh:

Head of Washington State Investment Board, this the third year when Theresa will be attending the meeting. She has taken it upon herself to push for Gender Equality and talk about the future of skill requirement in jobs and the growing need of more women at work. She is working in partnership with the United Nations on the same issue.

Theresa Whitmarsh Theresa Whitmarsh: Pic Credit by NYT


Sheryl Sandberg:

The Facebook COO will be a part of a panel discussion on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact n industries and societies. .We can sure expect the LeanIn author to bring in some points of preparedness for womankind.


Sheryl Sandberg, WEF Sheryl Sandberg, WEF



She is the mind behind Emma Watson's viral UN Campaign, HeforShe. She has managed, for the first time in history, to get 10 of the world's top companies to disclose their gender statistics of employment. She will also be presenting a report and her recommendations on the same at the Conference.

There are many more awesome women who are going to bring fresh perspective to the problem this year, and keeping in view the theme and its widespread importance, we can expect them to pull-off an effective advocacy programme for higher percentage of women in the years to come.

Nyamayaro He For She, Pic Credit: HKU Nyamayaro He For She, Pic Credit: HKU


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