5 Feminists who make themselves heard loud and clear

Flavia Agnes

The voices for feminism are gaining strength strong in our country of 1.2 billion people. Where the sex ratio is 940:1000 and female literacy is at 65.4% we are glad we have some staunch supporters of this movement who are rooting for changes not just at administrative level, but also helping change patriarchal mind-sets. These women feminists are the ones who are making a difference, each in their own way.

Nivedita Menon

Nivedita Menon, activist

Nivedita Menon: Author and Activist ( Picture Credit: hindi.revoltpress.com)

She has the gift of holding the attention of a crowd with her thoughts and ideas. Nivedita Menon is an activist and an author who published her book Seeing Like A Feminist in 2012. She writes for many publications on contemporary issues that revolve around this topic and has initiated dialogues and debates on the same. A professor at JNU, this feminist is a conversation-starter for feminism no matter where she goes.

Rachel Bali

Rachel Bali, Founder Krantikali

Rachel Bali, Founder KrantiKali

She is the founder of KrantiKali, a social start-up that aims to bring about a gender revolution in the country. Her idea simply is Equality for All. Inspired by the gender rights movements that she read about in her Anthropology classes, Rachel wanted to bring more dialogue on to the table and do her bit to instigate a conversation that would lead to change. Her organisation works towards gender sensitisation, sex education, skill development and educating women about their rights and laws. 

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Flavia Agnes

Flavia Agnes

Founder of Majlis: Flavia Agnes ( Picture Credit: majlislaw.com)

She is the founder of Majlis, an organisation that provides legal representation to women. Agnes is a legal scholar, women’s rights activist and also an author. In 1979, her contribution was significant in the formation of Forum Against Oppression of Women that dealt with issues like sexual harassment, dowry and domestic violence. Never to say “no” to a woman in need has been her motto and she provides legal council to them.

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Japleen Pasricha

Japleen Pasricha

Japleen Pasricha: Founder of feminismindia.com

Founder of feminisminindia.com, Japleen aims at educating the world about equal rights. She introduces herself as an educator, activist, translator, one woman army, non-bra burning feminist and someone who smashes patriarchy for a living! Now that’s an introduction that no one is bound to forget! Her blog and website are a digital platform to educate the youth about all that comes under the F-word and “demystify the negativity around it.”

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Meenakshi Arora

Meenakshi Arora

The Lawyer and the Feminist: Meenakshi Arora ( Picture Credit: assets.about.me)

A woman in power who has worked through the system to implement some serious changes in the law. She was one of those advocates who pushed for the Vishakha Guidelines that culminated into the legislation of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013. She is the Senior Counsel at the Supreme Court of India. Aren’t we glad, she’s on our side?

Feature Image Credit: lwvmn.org