4 Things to Learn About Young Leadership from Popxo Founder Priyanka Gill

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As we try to keep up with this onslaught of digital content on all our screens, there are certain names that “POP” out of the clutter. POPxo, the luxury and lifestyle website, is on that list- and needless to say, a very dynamic woman is behind its success. Priyanka Gill, an entrepreneur foresaw this trend when few else did, and reserved a spot for herself as well as her company in this marketplace that is now bursting at its seams. What can we learn about modern-day leadership from her?


1. To have Ambition:

Popxo wasn’t always the sworn by commercial news and features portal it is today. It started as a homegrown blog eStylista in 2006. Gill wrote about everything that caught her fancy, until she realized the ambition and talent she housed, saw the opportunity, and decided to go all in with the hand she was dealt.


2. To be Armed With a Plan

Her relentless search for stage lead her to lay a grand blueprint for her blog-turned-website-turned-company, and today, it operates from three different world-cities- London, New Delhi and Mumbai. The entrepreneur wished not to spare any effort in taking her website to the mainstream- and in November 2014, through her strategic thinking and tireless networking to avail every tool there is today for a company seeking funding, she raised US$ 500,000 from individual investors including CaratLane.com’s Mithun Sancheti (who invested through Chennai Angels), Google India’s Rajan Anandan, Vitabiotics’s Tej Lalvani, Hussein Kanji of Hoxton Ventures and Chris Mathias.


3. To Diversify:

A leader of today must neither be a jack of all trades, nor a master of one. They must be a master of all trades. Putting her eggs in many baskets, Gill kept lucrative investment opportunities on the radar, and successfully collaborated with lifestyle brands and early stage technology start-ups, as well as with Bea’s of Bloomsbury, a chain of cake shops in London, Yeildify, Campanja, SoundOut, and Raptor Supplies.

And besides her own blog, Priyanka keeps that sword of a language vetted by contributing to several versatile beats through renowned international publications, such as The Independent and Travel and Leisure. She is a contributing editor for Harpers Bazaar India, and also writes for The GuardianVogue India and Hello Pakistan.


4. To Build a Life, not just a career:

One would think between being an investor, entrepreneur, writer and free-lance journalist, she’d crumble into her duvet and pull the darkest blinds down the minute she gets time off. But she manages to have a fifth and sixth facet to her life- that she does only for herself and gives no less priority than her work- being an art aficionado, and a socialite. Aside from investing in modern Indian art, she bought Tyeb Mehta’s Mahisasura for US$ 1.2 million at a Christie’s auction in New York, to quench the thirst of the collector in her. She also promotes contemporary Indian art by hosting soirees around the topic, in the right circuits.


Image Credits: breakingnewsheadlinesindia.blogspot.in