3 Strategies To Proactively Steer Your Career Forward

I've been interacting with various eminent women leaders in my corporate career who have chosen to share their journey

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Special Post by Monica Jasuja

Head of MasterPass and eCommerce, India and South Asia at MasterCard


I've been interacting with various eminent women leaders in my corporate career who have chosen to share their journey in their careers hoping it helps more women climb the ladder and go past the (infamous) glass ceiling and succeed at the workplace.

Balance Life Work: Women At The Work Place Balance Life Work: Women At The Work Place

The good news is that women have bigger ambitions and more role models now at work than ever before. With digital making location irrelevant, we can now seek support as needed from experts around the globe. Yet, the bad news is that women continue to be left out of consideration for strategic roles and the number of women CEOs worldwide validate this

As I thought about my blog posts for #WomensWeek (because women deserve an entire week dedicated to them, a day is too less to focus on the challenges we face everyday don't you think?) This turned out to be the most challenging of them all as I had to recollect my many meetings and go through my handwritten notes go come up with - my list of Top 3 strategies Steer your career forward

Among the various themes covered, three stood out as her recommendations to manage your career:

1/ Broaden your experience and get out of your comfort zone: Self awareness is critical. Know and recognize your strengths, weaknesses, career goals and ambitions, but take risks and break out of your comfort zone:

  • Do you feel you “know-it-all” and have nothing to learn in your current job? Apply for a completely new role in your current location

  • Do you lack growth in your market/role? If possible, move to a new country or work on a project that provides international exposure and working with different businesses and functions.

  • Stuck in the same job for years? Take up a new role within a company where you have longevity, the company will be more vested to take a risk with you

2/ Think about an International assignment: In a global organization, this can provide faster paced growth and learning that will expand your experiences.  Mobility can be an issue for all employees, but for women this is a bigger challenge, as balancing mobility with family is difficult, but not impossible.

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3/ Find a sponsor: We often speak about mentorship, but finding a ‘sponsor’ can be just as important.  Mentorship helps engage and find support to manage tactical challenges. A sponsor is someone who knows how you operate in your role and can further your potential.  He or she is someone who will help push you out of your comfort zone to gain different experiences and is vested in your success. If you are lucky, a sponsor can proactively find you future roles and enable you to achieve your ambitions at your workplace


If any of these resonated and helped you, please let me know -Post them in the comment box below, and don’t forget to give ‘thumbs up’ to those tips you loved the most. You can also tweet to me : @jasuja.

About me: This article expresses my personal views, and not those of any of my employers — past, present or future.


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