This Two-Year-Old Girl Rescued Her Unconscious Mom By Fetching Cops For Help

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Two-year-old girl rescues unconscious mother: Barely on her feet, a two-year-old toddler first made desperate efforts to wake her mother who fell unconscious on a platform floor, with her six-month-old baby brother by her side. As her mother failed to wake up, she then immediately tried to find medical assistance. The little one walked to another railway platform on her own and found RPF jawans on duty and tried to explain the situation to them. Her timely actions helped find assistance for her unwell mother.

This incident took place at Moradabad railway station in Bareilly on Saturday. The girl, crying, tried to tell the cops that something was not right with her mother. The police officers sensed her concern and followed the girl to where her mother was lying unconscious, Times of India reported.

An ambulance was quickly arranged and the woman was admitted to the district hospital in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Still unconscious, the identity of the young woman has not been established by the police as of yet. The RPF men who were on duty said that the small girl looked worried when she bumped into them and was struggling to convey the incident. After brief persuasion, she signalled them towards the other platform and held the hand of one of the women police constables, following which the team accompanied her.

Police then found the woman along with a baby boy lying unconscious at the railway station platform number 5. The RPF team said that the government railway police was immediately informed of the incident, following which an ambulance was called and the woman was rushed to the district hospital. Emergency medical officer, district hospital, Dr Shobhit said the GRP brought a patient along with two children, one two-year-old and one infant, from the railway station. The woman, who seems to be in her 30s, has been put under observation. The identity or names of the family members could not be ascertained as she is currently in a semi-unconscious state. Further action will be taken up as soon as the woman gains consciousness, the officers noted.

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