This Karwa Chauth, UP Police Urge Wives to Gifts Helmets

Charvi Kathuria
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On the day of Karwa Chauth, the popular north Indian festival when women fast to ensure the longevity of their husbands, Uttar Pradesh Police started a campaign. They urged women to gift helmets to their husbands who didn't use one, while driving a two-wheeler.


According to news agency ANI, Lucknow Police stopped men riding on two-wheelers without helmets. Instead of penalising them, the police officials gifted them helmets. This is a campaign to make citizens aware of the importance of wearing the helmet and following traffic rules.

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Helmets for Safety

The Superintendent of Police, Abhishek Jorwal told TOI, "Although police have been regularly imposing fine on the violators, the residents were lacking awareness. The two-wheeler drivers often suffer more injuries and lose their lives due to commuting without helmets."
He said Karwa Chauth was chosen for the launch because on this day the wives fast for their husbands' long life.


 Awareness Boards in Ambala

Ambala Police in Punjab has also endeavoured to sensitize citizens through a similar campaign. On the day of the festival, the police approached the wives of the riders explaining why their husbands must wear helmets. According to Times Of India, Ambala Police have installed thirty awareness boards across the city, on major roads and crossings, to warn people against the harm caused.

 "This Karwa Chauth, make your husband wear a helmet" is the phrase on the awareness boards. The board shows a woman watching the moon through the "sieve" while holding a helmet in the other hand."

Besides spreading awareness offline, the campaign is raking up a lot of views on social media platforms as well.

It is good to see the authorities devising some innovative ways to propagate the message of safe driving. Such measures will go a long way in making citizens realise the importance road safety rules hold in our day-to-day lives.

Pic Credits: Dainik Jagran

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