Actress Millie Bobby Brown – millennials’ new sensation – who plays Eleven in Netflix’s famous series ‘Stranger Things’, has been the latest target of internet trolls. Users photoshopped her images, turning them into a homophobic meme. And, she is just 14-year-old!

The negative impact of social media sites is haunting the teen Stranger Things star. Like most people her age, Brown is active on Twitter and Instagram. It appears that the actress had to leave the social media platform following reactions to her homophobic meme. This forced her to quit Twitter.

One user even made a fake account, tweeting:

The new trend of photoshopping gives one the power to misuse it and now Brown is facing this horrendous situation with her fake anti-gay images all over the internet. The hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown is now trending.

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In one of the memes, a picture of Brown was posted above the text: “Just got this car. It’s pride month hoping to hit a few f****ts today”.

Those of you don’t know, Brown is an active supporter of gay rights. She also advocates anti-bullying issues openly. Last year, she was seen wearing an LGBT pin to the MTV awards, supporting the cause. Her other Twitter account @Milliestopshate was created in a bid to stop bullying, mostly cyberbullying.

And, some supported her:

Brown made the young generation fall in love with her character, Eleven, who adapts to the human world with her superpowers. The sci-fi show made her a household name when she was 12. Born in Spain and having grown up in Bournemouth, England, Brown was nominated for an Emmy Award for her role as telekenetic teenager Eleven in Stranger Things.

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Soon to be a big screen star, Brown will make her debut in next year’s Godzilla sequel titled Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

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