Twitter is a powerful tool to promote your brand; you can reach out to millions if you use it in the right manner. Social media campaigns are cost-effective and have a huge outreach. Here are 12 tips which can help you boost your business:

1) Suitable Profile picture: Have an appropriate picture, either your brand logo or the brand ambassador’s image with your logo. It makes the profile easily recognisable and creates brand awareness.

2) Catchy handle: You need to get creative with choosing your handle. It helps if you have a long name (company, brand whatever) to be more creative.

3) Be consistent with your handle and name: Once you have settled on a handle don’t change it for different campaigns, consistency matters.

Boost your social media presence
Boost your social media presence

4) Tweet at optimal times: Twitter analytics has a lot of information about your followers, you can know from which part of the world you have the maximum audience, at what time they are mostly online, etc. Tweriod is an app that can help you make the most use of it.

5) Tweet in a proper format: You should always start with the text, followed by mentioning any applicable handle, add the links if any, add the hashtags and then insert the image.

6) Don’t overuse links: Resist adding links to every tweet, use links when you want to add value to a particular tweet.

7) Use correct hashtags: Use relevant and trending hashtags to get noticed. There are many apps like Hashtagify or RiteTag which will help you with finding the most relevant hashtag to your tweet.

8) Include your location: Apart from sharing the main business location on your profile, twitter also allows you to add your location when you tweet, make the most of it when you’re tweeting about some campaign by adding your current location. This will make your tweet more prominent.

9) Be active and engaging: Don’t just tweet business information, share your views on trending topic that might be relevant to your business, make your handle engaging to gain followers.

10) Run contests: One of the major keys to success for brand promotion is running contests; it keeps your followers engaged. Conducting regular campaigns that are fun helps gain popularity and make the brand prominent.

11) Shorten the links that you share: Links display name can be edited, be smart and use it as a word in the middle of a statement.

12) Content on your page must be relevant: The content that you’re sharing should be in sync with the kind of business you own or the campaign that you’re running.

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