Sitapur Skater Girl Is Winning The Internet With Her Unique Vaccine Awareness Campaign

Sitapur Skater Girl ,girl skating in saree
Sitapur Skater Girl: Catching the eye of many, an 11-year-old girl from a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur area started making people aware of COVID-19 vaccination in her own style. She moved through lanes of her villages on her skates donning a saree.  The little has gone viral on the internet since a clip of her was shared on social media platforms.

In her matching pink skates and pink saree moved around her village named Ramkot effortlessly providing information about vaccination and making the villagers get rid of their hesitancy. The roads of her village were not exactly skates-friendly but she braved the kaccha roads and made people notice her.

While speaking to news agency ANI in an interview the girl had simply said that she liked the idea of skating around in a saree and decided to make people aware of the COVID-19 vaccination. She said, “During her interview with ANI, the little girl said that she wants to make people aware of vaccination and wearing masks. She said, ” I got the idea that I should wear skates and raise awareness among people. Everyone must get vaccinated and wear masks.”

Times Now, at first shared the video of the girl, it was then noticed by All India Mahila Congress General-Secretary, Shamina Shafiq who is also based in Sitapur. Shafiq took to Twitter and shared her thoughts on the same. She used the hashtag Girl Power to address the little girl.

“In Ramkot village in Sitapur, this little girl is grabbing all attention for skating in the saree and spreading awareness about COVID vaccination, ” she wrote.

See below her tweet below:

Sitapur Skater Girl In Saree: Children Led The Fight Against COVID-19

The second wave of the pandemic has taken away many lives, starved many and made a lot of people lose all sources of livelihood. In this time of crisis, citizens of India have come forward to help each other. At the start of the second wave, social media was seen flooded with SOS messages and COVID-19 related requirements. Children too came forward and contributed to helping people.

A couple of students of class 10 in Bengaluru were able to raise over two lakh rupees in one single day. They used the money to provide oxymeters to underprivileged families who were not able to afford them.  Read another heartwarming story here.

Image: Times Now video / Screengrab