9 Things To Know About Andhra Pradesh Twin Murder Case

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Andhra Pradesh Twin Murder Case: Andhra Pradesh’s Madanapalli town located in Chittoor district witnessed horrific murders of two sisters on January 24. The sisters named Alekhya and Divya were allegedly murdered by their parents. The parents believed that they could bring their daughters to life.

The parents, Padmaja Naidu and V Purshottam Naidu, have been arrested by the police. The cops are still investigating into the case which is turning into Pandora’s box

Here Are 9 Things To Know About Andhra Pradesh Twin Murders: 

  1. On January 24, the couple Padmaja and Purshottam Naidu reportedly performed rituals to murder their daughters. It was Padmaja who allegedly bludgeoned the girls to death using dumbbells. The sisters were also stabbed with a trident.
  2. Their neighbours reported to the police that they could hear screams from their home and alerted the cops. The police found one of the girls lying in the puja room, while the other had a red cloth covering her. 
  3. The parents begged the police to leave their girls’ body with them as they claimed that they could resurrect them. “Kalyuga will end today and Satyayuga will commence tomorrow and will bring back both our daughters to life in a more pure form,” they reportedly told the police. 
  4. The police reported that the couple had planned to end their lives in order to prove that they too could be resurrected the next day. However, the police appeared in the nick of time and prevented this from happening. 
  5. Dr V Purushottam is the vice-principal of Maddanapalle Government Degree College for Women and holds an MPhil and a PhD in Chemistry. His wife Padmaja is a Correspondent at a private school and is a gold medallist in MSc (Maths). The couple’s elder daughter Alekhya, 27 completed her diploma course in Forest Management from IIFM, Bhopal, whereas their younger daughter Sai Divya, 22 was pursuing a course in music after completing her BBA from Bengaluru. 
  6. The Madanapalli police said that the murder was pre-planned. It seems that Sai Divya, the younger daughter had been harbouring thoughts of her death. She had developed a phobia for death after she had stepped on a rangoli meant on January 20. Her father had then allegedly contacted a sorcerer through his colleague GP Raju. The sorcerer came on 23 January, performed some rituals and tied amulets on the hands of the family. 
  7. D Venugopal Rayapati, the principal of Purshottam’s college revealed that the latter had texted him saying that he had to take a leave from 19 to 26 January as he had to perform some rituals. His colleagues revealed the Purshottam was “an excellent faculty member” who never did anything suspicious. 
  8. Two days before the end of his leave, Purshottam called up his friend Gowri Shankar and reportedly revealed out the details of the crime. Shankar then contacted GP Raju who then registered a case against Purshottam with the police
  9. The police are currently engaged in examining the CCTV footage. All the items of the crime scene have been handed over for forensic examination.