10 Things to Know about Emma Corrin, who plays Princess Diana in Crown Season 4

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Not everyone can essay the role of the enigmatic Princess Diana, but newcomer Emma Corrin has made the role her own, as is evident from the trailer, moulding herself into her personality and getting the details spot on, right down to her distinct voice. Her entry into the royal household will get focus in Season 4 of the TV series, ‘The Crown’, which drops on Netflix on November 15th, along with the dynamic between Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher.

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After taking on the role of a lifetime, here’s 10 things that you should know about Emma Corrin:

  • She started getting noticed for her acting talents in school.
  • She was tapped in to play the role of Princess Diana after more than nine months of practice reads on set.
  • Her mother bears an uncanny resemblance to the Princess.
  • She worked with movement coach Polly Bennett to try and figure out what kind of animal Princess Diana resembled the most. After a lot of consideration, Corrin settled on ‘cat’.
  • According to screenwriter Peter Morgan, Corrin not only bear a resemblance to the late princess, but also brings a range and complexity to her portrayal.
  • She attended the University of Cambridge, where she acted in several productions of the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club, UK’s oldest and most prestigious student drama society.
  • Not only will Corrin essay her career’s biggest role as Princess Diana, she will also appear as Jillian Jessup aka Miss South Africa in the drama, ‘Misbehaviour’, which is a film about a group of women’s rights activists who disrupted the Miss World Pageant in 1970.
  • This isn’t Corrin’s first TV role. She has also played the role of Esme in Pennyworth, which is Epix’s Batman prequel that explores the backstory of Alfred Pennyworth.
  • She found one particular word that unlocked the late Princess’s posh drawl. It was ‘alright’. In an interview with Variety, she says that she goes down at the end of every sentence, which makes her sound ‘sad’.
  • From meeting with the late princess’ secretary to watching a documentary on her life nearly ‘100 times’, Corrin did extensive research to prepare for her role as Lady Diana Spencer.

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Watch the trailer of the Season 4 of ‘The Crown’ here: