10 Reasons Why You Should Know Mellody Hobson

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10 Reasons Why You Should Know Mellody Hobson


Don’t lose hope that’s what the single mother of 6 kids told them. Mellody Hobson was the youngest amongst the 6 children and now is a  president of Ariel Investments and the current Chair of the Board of Directors of Dream Works Animation. She hardly had any financially security in her childhood. Her mother Dorothy Ashley, bought old buildings only to renovate them and rent them out. That was her way of meeting ends and raising her funds to run the house.

Mellody's mother made sure that the kids got a good amount of education at the public school and were raised with a positive attitude. Her inspirational talk on how everyone should be proud of their origin and colour and live with dignity. She famously questions in her TED Talk: Color Blind Or Color Brave? Mellody Hobson is president of Ariel Investments, a value-driven money management firm — and an advocate for financial literacy and investor education.

1)   An inspiration:  Mellody wants people to change their thinking when to comes to racism.  Teach children that everyone is equal and black, white, male, females everyone is equal.

2) A life full of struggles:  From days when there was no money to pay the bill to frequently changing houses it was devastating for her to see her mother struggle so much. But she never lost hope, she did study hard and achieved everything she wanted.  She just went ahead with her mother’s teaching nothing is impossible if you want to achieve.

3)  Her believes:  If as a society we change our perspective towards racism and ask our children to treat everyone equally, we could give the future generation a better life with good and equal opportunities.

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4) Society needs people like her:  People are often hesitant to talk about topics that could get them in bad books of others, so topics such as racisms, unequal pay for male and females, inequality with females are never talked about with the fear of being judged by other, she  had the courage to stand in front of a huge crowd and talk about topics which are hardly spoken out loud.

5)  The hunger for success: she has this hunger for success, “impossible” that word doesn't exist in her dictionary .

6)  Some quotes by her: “It's time we become comfortable with the uncomfortable conversations about race. .Instead of being color blind, we need to be color brave.” “Don't be color blind, be color brave. Embrace diversity as a competitive advantage.” The more diversified the culture around you will be the more successful you can be.

7)  Be observant: Even after seeing totally different phases in life she still ask people to be humble and observant, in her talks she says be observant invite people in your life, that’s how we as country will develop. Embrace the diversity that we see around.

8)   Learn to deal with discomfort : She learned to deals with discomfort this is how she developed herself professionally and personally , we need to learn to deal with any uncomfortable situation and take a step back and relax this is how we could develop as a nation.

9) Do something in crises: If you are in a situation of crises then do something to get it solved rather than just waiting for it to get solved on its own.

10)  Stand for yourself: It doesn't matter you are black, white male female stand up for yourself and make a difference and give a clear message tot he world the you are an important part of the society .


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