10 Habits To Throw Out Of The Window In 2017

Vidhya Bharathi
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Break Bad Habits

We all have the one habit we can't get rid of. It can be a small harmless habit like doodling on notebooks, textbooks, benches etc. This is harmless till you start doodling on bank notes, though we enjoyed "Sonam Gupta bewafa hai" thoroughly!. Then there are these some really bad habits which you should get rid of, like right now! Like for example, my roommate had a habit of locking the door, with me inside the house! On a serious note, we often don't realise the repercussions of our bad habits till it takes a toll on us or someone close to us. Here we bring you a list of 12 habits which you should get rid of in 2017.


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Dear Men,

"Haye bechari, let me help you carry that bag for you"

We know you want to help, but we know when we need help. We will ask you if we need help. Isn't that what everyone does? You ask for help when you think you can't do it yourself.

And girls, can we stop taunting guys for not offering to carry our bags already? It is 2017.



India is a vast country with a greatly divided population, in terms of culture, race, and religion. In a country so diverse, racism found its place hundreds of years ago. Caste system being one of the major reasons. Though racism is still a major problem at a larger scale, most of us are racists, out of habit. Addressing a person from Assam or Meghalaya or any one of the other 7 sisters in the northeastern part of India as 'chinky' is something which we often see people doing. I was a racist when I did that. I changed myself long back. It is 2017, and if someone still subscribes to the notion of them not being from India, then let's learn some geography and be racists no more. And yes, people from Karnataka are not Madrasi.

You are better than the best!

Are you a parent who compares your child with your brother's son or uncle's daughter? Please stop.

Comparing is not going to take anybody anywhere. If comparing would have had any effect, I would have been a collector being driven around in a white Ambassador (it is sad they stopped using it) with a red siren. So, help your child excel at what he/she is good at.

And if you are a grown-up, you should know by now that you are better than the best! All you need to do is to try and make yourself even better.



This you should get rid of because it is just plain annoying. Growing up as a dark complexioned girl in Delhi, I understand the mental trauma a kid goes through when he/she doesn't seem to understand what the mistake has been all the while. Very often I have seen, out of habit people ask me not to wear anything black as it makes my skin look dull. I love black! There is no reason why shouldn't wear it.

But the habit of discrimination because of colour is not just towards girls with dark complexion, it applies to boys as well.

Surround yourself with good people

The previous point leads to the next point -- stay with people who genuinely like you for the person you are. It is absolutely a bad habit when you, with all your consciousness, spend time with people who make you feel inferior to them. Like I said above, you are better than the best!

Dogs are more trustworthy than half the people around you


I have often noticed kids have a natural inclination towards animals. They are compassionate towards them till the time, their parents tell them "beta, kaat lega kutta". I mean, just like it's not human nature to attack someone without harm being caused to them, well, most of the times, even a dog doesn't bite just like that!

So, educate yourself about dogs and animals in general and let your kid befriend the homeless dog outside your house. Kids are better human beings when they learn compassion and who better than a dog to teach compassion?


We often come across that one friend who wants to stay in a relationship in spite of wanting to get out of it and often the reason given is 'habit'. Well, it is high time you threw that habit out of the window. No one should be in a relationship just out of habit.

Be positive

With work-induced stress, financial issues, family related issues and all that bad news which fills up our phones these days, it is all the more important to shift focus from the negativity around us to focus on the positive side of life. A small change in life, like un-checking the 'crime' section on your regular news app or even trying to put away phone well before your sleep time, can help you be positive.

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It is difficult to imagine a time when all of us did not have a phone. Now that we do have phones, it is becoming more and more difficult to hold a conversation without taking a glance at your phone. This is one of the worst habits anyone can have and can easily put off the person sitting right across you.

Not visiting a doctor

Regular doc checkups become a thing of the past when we become independent. Our weekends are spent sleeping or chilling with friends, apparently recovering from all the work we've done throughout the week. But, we tend to forget those underlying back pains, the tooth which is causing you trouble and other such things. It is time you made it a point to visit the doctor. No one will fix your doc appointments. You are on your own now!

We all know smoking, binge eating or binge drinking, biting nails, etc are bad habits too but these are the kind of bad habits which aren't usually considered as bad habits. Let us quit all these habits and become better person than we were in 2016.

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