10 Crazy Wedding Rituals from Around The World

Malvika Shah
Apr 21, 2017 09:51 IST
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Wedding ceremonies involve many rituals, for some these rituals, have religious significance, some follow them to avoid bad luck. Throwing off the bouquet, removing the garter and the first dance are rituals which have attained a cult status courtesy Hollywood movies.  In India, all of us have been part of at least one wedding where groom’s footwear has been stolen by the bride’s friends and family.  Several wedding rituals are so popular that even non-traditional people adopt them. Some rituals are sweet, others romantic, but there are few that are strange and can make you feel uncomfortable.


Let’s check out some of these crazy wedding traditions from different parts of the world:

The Spitting Tradition, Kenya

This tradition of spitting on the bride among the Maasai tribe in Kenya tops our list. The father of the bride spits on the bride, as they believe it brings good luck to the newly-married couple.


Force Feeding to Become Fat before the Wedding, Mauritania

According to this tradition, girls are being force fed before the wedding. In Mauritania, they believe a fat bride brings good luck to the family. In Mauritanian big is still believed to be beautiful, rolling layers of fat is the height of sexiness in women.

Kidnapping the Bride, Kyrgyzstan


In Kyrgyzstan, people believe that tears on the wedding day will make the newly married couple happy. Known as Ala kachuu, often parents would give their consent (until it was made illegal) of marrying the young girls after kidnapping them, especially if she was crying.

Blackening the Bride, Scotland

It is a very old Scottish ritual in which the bride would be taken by surprise by her friends, and they put all kinds of nasty things, spoiled eggs, tar, feathers etc. on her. This practice is believed to ward off evil spirits.


Teasing the Bridesmaids, China

In this Chinese tradition of naohun involves teasing of the bride, groom and the bridesmaids, but this tradition often borders on young women being sexually assaulted.

Gifting a Whale's Tooth, Fiji


In Fiji, as a part of the tradition, the groom is expected to gift his father-in-law a tooth of a whale when he asks for his daughter’s hand. This is supposed to reflect the manliness of the groom.

Killing of a Chicken to Decide a Wedding Date, China

Another strange Chinese tradition, the bride and the groom need to cut the chicken and check its liver, if the liver is fine they can set a wedding date if it’s not; they continue till the find a good chicken liver.


Mother Accompanying the Couple on the Wedding Night, African Tribes

According to this African tradition followed by few tribes, the mother often accompanies the couple on their wedding night to educate them about how to spend the night.

No Bathroom Breaks, Borneo


In Borneo, Tidong community, the newlyweds are not allowed to leave their rooms, not even for loo breaks, on their wedding day. This is said to be bonding time which will bring good luck to the couple.

The Kissing Party, Sweden

In Sweden, if either of the bride or the groom leaves the room for some reason during the function, the members of the opposite sex who are unmarried can plant kisses on the person left behind.


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