10 Books by women authors you should definitely read

SheThePeople.TV lists 10 books by women authors that everyone must read.

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10 Books by women authors you should definitely read


Even though women entered the workplace very late, they often authored books under male pseudonyms. Considering this is one of the oldest territories conquered by women, they have come really far today. From Crime fiction to self-help books, women are writing for all genres. SheThePoeple.TV lists some of the best books in the recent years that you should definitely read:



A light-hearted book by one of the most popular female comedians on television, Bossypants uses humorous anecdotes to tell Fey’s life story, including her days at Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Not unlike Sheryl Sandberg, Fey too is amused by the idea of women being called ‘Bossy.’


GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn


Gone Girl is a thriller novel that deals with the relationship between a couple followed by the woman’s sudden disappearance. The novel uses unreliable narration, plot twists, and suspense to woo the reader, as it is narrated by both the husband and wife separately.


THE GOLDpublive-image FLINCH by Donna Tartt

The book captures the journey of a boy who in an accident loses his mother. Abandoned by his father, he is taken in by a wealthy family where the boy, struggles to adjust into his new life. He is then drawn to the underworld of art.


THE THING AROUND YOUR NECK by Chimamanda Adichie


In her short stories, Adichie introduces characters who are confronted with violence, racism, and betrayal. Most of these stories are set up in Nigeria and America, each of them equally heart-wrenching.


RANDOM FAMILY by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Random Family is nonfiction that talks about the struggles of two women and their family as they deal with love, drug dealers, babies and prison time in the Bronx. LeBlanc researched for 10 years for this book.


THE AGE OF GRIEF by Jane Smiley


This is a collection of five stories and a novella. The Age of Grief explores love, friendship, and marriage with all the compassion and insight. It’s about a dentist who knows that his wife has fallen in love with someone else and tries maintaining the secret of his own complicated sorrow.



The book is a collection of short stories about Indian immigrants and first generation sons and daughters struggling with their American-Indian identities. This is a common theme in most of Lashiri’s work.


GHANA MUST GO by Taiye Selasi

Ghana Must Go is the story of a family that comes together after the death of a family member. This reluctant reunion results the family’s coming together and discovering each other and their lives.


WASH by Margaret Wrinkle

Wash is the story of an American slave who deals with love and hatred, while working for a slave breeder. Written by a white woman, it catches the consequences of slavery on both the masters and the slaves.


 BROKEN HARBOR by Tana French

Broken Harbor is a mystery thriller. A family is found murdered in a half-deserted development and the wife in intensive care. With the two police detectives trying to find out what happened, the book makes a great read for women who love this genre.


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