During a recent interview on NDTV’s Spotlight, Sonam Kapoor – the popular fashionista of tinsel town, opened up on issues that are close to her heart. The style-icon and actress who has been popular for her outspoken personality talked about feminism, body shaming, refusing to work in a film for not being treated equally, luxury of choice she is bestowed with in selecting her films, how being a public figure she can’t be irresponsible about certain life choices and on one of the most debated topics of recent times, nepotism in Bollywood.

Sonam, who prefers to called a “humanist” over a being a feminist, believes that lot of people have wrong notions or misconceptions about feminism in our country. Hence, there is a greater need to talk about it.

The actress strongly believes that the only person who determines your worth is you. For her, principles and belief are worth fighting for every single day.

Sonam’s weight loss story is a tremendous one. She believes that one should lose weight only for health reasons. She shares that when she decided to join the film industry, a lot of people told her that she had to lose weight to fit into the industry norms. For her, it was a personal choice of picking fit over fat. She believes in propagating health and according to her “strong is the new beautiful”.

On being asked about the ongoing Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar feud, she jokingly says it is very entertaining and makes for good bathroom reading. She claims she doesn’t know Kangana but everyone is aware that Karan is one of her closest friends. She considers it as “mud-slinging of the worst kinds” and believes that “having this kind of a public spat is very distasteful. You can set an example without washing your dirty linen in public”. She asserts that Karan Johar is a very idealistic and ethical human being. And if he were a “flag bearer of nepotism”, he wouldn’t have launched 12 new directors under his banner.

Nepotism is not new to the Indian film industry, but not many big stars have addressed it so far. Whether it is real or only a perception is a long-standing debate. We as cinema lovers would like to believe in Sonam’s faith in her friend, and hope that Kangana and Karan will resolve their differences amicably.

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