70 Baby Names Starting With M

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Baby names starting with M | Choosing a name for your baby is the first most important decision you are going to make regarding his/her life. No wonder, you want it to be as perfect as possible. 

Some parents make this decision even before their baby is born. But if you are not one of those early planner parents, check out this list curated by SheThePeople parenting to pick a great and meaningful name for your little one. 

To further simplify your search for unique baby boy names and unique baby girl names starting with M, there are separate lists mentioned below.

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Baby boy names starting with M Meaning
Madhesh Lord Shiva
Madhav Another name of Lord Krishna
Maahir Expert
Malav A musical raag
Maan Respect
Manas Mind, Soul
Manav Man, Human being
Manik Ruby, Honoured
Maanvir Braveheart
Madan God of love
Madhuj Made of honey
Mahesh Lord Shiva
Maheep King
Manoj Love
Manvendra King among men
Mehul Rain
Mihir The sun
Milind Honeybee
Mohit Attracted
Mohnish Lord Krishna
Moksh Mukti, Liberation, Salvation
Monish Lord of mind
Moti Pearl
Mourya KIng, Leader
Mridul Tender, Delicate
Mrinank The moon
Mrityunjay Lord Shiva
Mrunmay Earthly
Mudit Happy, Satisfied
Muhir Passionate
Mukesh Another name for Lord Shiva
Mukul First bloom
Mukut Crown
Munal Giver
Murari Lord Krishna

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Baby girl names starting with M Meaning
Maahi River
Malavi Princess
Mallika Queen
Maalini Fragrant
Manasi With a sound mind
Manasvi Tenderness
Manavi Girl with Humanity
Manushi Goddess Lakshmi, Kind
Manvika Youth
Maanya Respected
Maanyata Principles
Maitri Friendship
Malvika Princess of Malva
Mandira The musical sound produced by cymbals
Manorama Attractive, Beautiful
Mausami Seasonal
Meghna Cloud
Mehek Sweet fragrance
Meher Benevolence
Mira A devotee of Lord Krishna
Mishka Gift of love
Mishthi Sweet
Mithali A bond between friendship and love
Mitisha Friend of Goddess Isha (Parvati)
Mokshita Liberated, Free
Monalisa Noble
Monisha Intelligent
Morvi Bow string
Moumita Sweet friend
Mridvika Gentleness
Mrinmayi Deer’s eye
Mrunalini Intelligent
Mrunmayi Goddess Sita
Mudita Happy, Delighted, Satisfied
Munmun Very pleasant

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