70 Baby Names Starting With I

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Baby names starting with I | Parenting at SheThePeople. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world, yet the most rewarding. Watching them grow up fills you with immense pleasure and gratitude. 

So, you’ve gone through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and now you’re ready to go home and begin life with your baby. It is time to decide the name of your little sweetheart. Before deciding on the final name for your baby, you must ensure:

  • If the baby’s name is sounding good with your surname
  • If you and your spouse both agree on the name
  • If you can imagine your baby as an adult with this name

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To help you with your search, we have compiled a list of baby names starting with ‘I’ along with their meanings. To further facilitate your search, we have separate lists of baby boy and baby girl names below:

Baby boy names starting with I Meaning
  • Ibhan
Lord Ganesh
  • Ibhanan
  • Idaspati
God of rain
  • Iddham
Shining, Brilliant
  • Idhant
  • Idhayan
Joy of heart
  • Iham
Expected, Desire
  • Ihit
Prize, Honour
  • Ijay
Lord Vishnu
  • Ikansh
Whole universe
  • Ikrut
One season
  • Ikshan
  • Ikshit
  • Inakanta
Beloved of the sun
  • Inbanathan
  • Indar
  • Indaresh
Lord of Indra
  • Indrajeet
One who got victory over Lord Indra
  • Inesh
A strong king
  • Iravat
Rain clouds
  • Irham
LOveable, Merciful
  • Ish
God, Divine
  • Ishan
Lord Shiva
  • Ishank
The peek of the Himalaya
  • Ishant
Lord Shiva
  • Ishit
One who desires to rule
  • Ishmeet
Lover of God, Friend of God
  • Ishtar
  • Ishwa
Spiritual teacher
  • Ishwar
Powerful, The supreme God
  • Itish
  • Ivan
God’s gracious and glorious gift
  • Ivyaan
Grace of God
  • Iyaan
  • Iyenger
Lord Krishna, Sage

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Baby girl names starting with I Meaning
  • Ibhi
Female elephant
  • Icchavati
One who desires
  • Ichchha
  • Ichita
  • Ida
This moment
  • Idhaya
  • Idhika
Goddess Parvathi
  • Idhitri
One who praises
  • Idika
The Earth
  • Ihita
  • Ijaya
  • Inaya
  • Indu
A bright drop, the moon
  • Ikshita
  • Ila
Water, Earth, Daughter of Manu
  • Iravati
Full of water or milk
  • Irfana
  • Irika
A diminutive form of earth
  • Irshita
Goddess Saraswati
  • Ishwari
  • Ishwarpreet
God’s beloved
  • Isha
Another name of Durga
  • Ishani
Goddess Durga
  • Ishanvi
  • Ishi
Goddess Durga
  • Ishita
Great achievement
  • Ishmita
Friend of God
  • Ishya
Spring season
  • Ishwarya
God’s prosperity
  • Isika
A paintbrush
  • Ismita
  • Istara
That which is desired more
  • Itara
Another, the mother of Aitareya
  • Iti
  • Itika