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70 Baby Names Starting With G

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Baby Names Starting With G | Congratulations on being a new parent! There are probably at least a dozen thoughts coursing through your brain right now. It’s totally normal for that many scattered emotions going on at any given moment for someone who has just brought a new life into the world. 

You need to relax, and remember, “One step at a time”. The first step being naming your little one. As you find a beautiful name for your bundle of joy, we are here to help you out with baby names starting with G.

We have compiled a list of 70 meaningful names for your new-born with a separate list for baby boy and baby girl names.

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Baby boy names starting with G Meaning
  • Galav
To worship
  • Gadadhar
One who has the mace as his weapon
  • Gadin
Lord Krishna
  • Gagan
  • Gaganesh
  • Gahan
Depth, Profound
  • Gaish
  • Gaj
  • Gajadhar
Who can command an elephant
  • Gajakarna
Who has eyes like an elephant
  • Gajanan
Elephant-faced Lord
  • Gajanand
Lord Ganesha
  • Gajavakra
The trunk of an elephant
  • Gajendra
Elephant king
  • Gajodhar
Lord Ganesha
  • Gajpati
Master of an elephant
  • Gajraj
King of elephant
  • Gaman
  • Gambhir
Deep, Serious, Profound
  • Gananath
Lord Shiva
  • Ganapati
Lord Ganesh
  • Ganaraj
Lord of the clan
  • Gandharv
Celestial musician
  • Gandira
  • Ganesh
Lord Ganesh
  • Ganesha
Part of God
  • Gangadhar
Holding the Ganga
  • Gangaj
Son of Ganga
  • Gangavar
Goddess Ganga
  • Gangesh
Lord Shiva
  • Ganit
  • Ganpat
Lord Ganesha
  • Gantavya
  • Garud
King of birds
  • Garvit

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Baby girl names starting with G Meaning
  • Gaatha
  • Gagana
The sky
  • Gagandipika
Lamp of the sky
  • Gagansindhu
Ocean of the sky
  • Gahana
Golden chain
  • Gajagamini
Majestic like an Elephant’s walk
  • Gajra
Garland of flowers
  • Gamini
  • Gamya
  • Ganakshi
  • Ganavi
  • Gandhali
The fragrance of flowers
  • Gandhalika
Fragrant, Sweet smelling
  • Gandhari
Mother of Kauravs
  • Ganga
River Ganga
  • Gangika
Sacred, Pure
  • Gangotri
Sacred river of India
  • Ganika
Jasmine flower
  • Gargi
The person who inspires to think; An ancient scholar
  • Garima
  • Garin
  • Garvi
  • Garvita
  • Gathika
  • Gati
  • Gaurangi
Giver of happiness
  • Guaravi
Honour, Pride
  • Gauri
A fair woman, Goddess Parvati
  • Gaurika
A young girl, fair Beautiful
  • Gautami
River Godavari
  • Gayatri
A Vedic mantra praising the Sun; A sacred verse
  • Geeta
The Hindu Holy book
  • Geetanjali
Collection of poems in a song
  • Geetika
A little song
  • Gehna

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