Who Is Sergey Kosenko? Influencer Drives With Girlfriend Tied To Car Roof As ‘Trust Test’

who is Sergey Kosenko
Who is Sergey Kosenko: The Instagram influencer from Russia is facing heat for a recent stunt he pulled for social media, in what netizens are claiming could have been potentially fatal for people involved.

Tying his girlfriend to the roof of an expensive car, Sergey Kosenko drove around on the streets of Moscow. It was apparently a ‘trust test’ for her, reports said. A video of the same, that has now gone viral and attracted much outrage, shows the woman’s limbs bound by ropes and tape to a Bentley.

But that’s not all – even her mouth appears to be taped up.

Just watch to the end 😂😂 I’ve done it 20 times already, have you?” Kosenko wrote, sharing the video as a reel to his Instagram account. It has amassed over a million views. 

All You Need To Know About Who Is Sergey Kosenko And Why He Is Making Headlines

Though the couple often posts similar humour content, ‘trust tests’ in particular, fans claimed Kosenko took it a little too far with this one. Amid the rise of the culture of social media challenges, that have a record of even turning fatal for those attempting it, netizens feel Kosenko broadcasting the car stunt to five million followers comes off as ‘irresponsible.’

As per reports, Kosenko was issued a fine of 750 rubles for his road stunt, which he laughed off as a “shame” to have lost. The borrowed Bentley he was driving reportedly has a total of 68 outstanding fines. 

Traffic authorities in Moscow, in a statement, said they were investigating the case, which could have brought criminal charges against the influencer if his girlfriend was injured.