Dear Men, Please Stop Doing These 10 Toxic Things Immediately!

'No' is NOT a challenge or an invite. It simply means that I am not interested.

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Taking 'NO' as a challenge? Considering an opinionated woman problematic? Or advocating gender roles in society? It is the 21st century and it is important to realise that these toxic paradigms not only create harmful stereotypes but also create a divide among the genders. Not all men, yet most of them follow the over-the-top practices of toxic masculinity in order to be perceived as 'manly'.

So, dear men, please stop doing these toxic things and dear society, please let men become more expressive and sensitive towards their emotions so that they do not have to become rocks in order to be 'manly'. It's high time we redefine masculinity and manliness!

Here are 10 toxic things men do that we want them to stop doing right away:

Ignore their physical and mental health

It does not make you more manly to neglect your own well-being. Let ego take the back seat.

Neglecting basic hygiene

Please take a shower once a day and change your clothes. Stop re-wearing the same t-shirt for the twelfth time and get it washed already!


Sending unsolicited pictures/videos

It's highly disrespectful and a crime above all. It's just not acceptable to have unwanted inappropriate pictures sliding in my DMs all of a sudden. Please, stop it already. If I was interested, I would have asked you myself.

Touching a woman's back while walking past her

DO. NOT. DO. THAT. It's really inappropriate and uncomfortable.

It's not feminine to have a skin routine

Skin is as important as any other body part. It does not make you a woman to have a skin routine. Snap out of that mentality!


Stop asking if women are on their periods

A woman CAN be upset with you without being on their menstrual cycle. She is upset because you are being unreasonable and not because she is losing blood out of her vagina, it comes out every month! Why is it so difficult to understand?

Bromance is not gay

It does not make you gay to care and be affectionate towards your guy friends. Shower them with love and hugs.

Ignoring sexist comments from friends

Dear men, please call out your male friends when they pass sexist or judgmental comments regarding females. Stop them from disrespecting their exes just because it didn't work out the way they thought it to be.


Women are not flirting when they are being kind

I don't want to have sex if I replied with a laughing emoji on your Instagram stories. And I certainly am not interested in you simply because I asked how your day was, I could be asking that as a friend.

Not calling women with slurs does not make you nice

It makes you a human. Step down from your pedestal, you are not a messiah for not calling women names. While it does make you better than those who do, that's just basic human decency. When did we set the bar for 'goodness' so low?

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