Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho! Here Are His 5 Dramas To Which Never Get Old

On Lee Min Ho birthday, celebrate by watching these five engaging dramas starring the actor.

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Lee Min Ho birthday, South Korean Boyfriends
Lee Min Ho birthday: June 22 is South Korea’s (and probably every K Drama lovers) top boyfriend’s birthday. So, we can’t keep calm today.

Today, on the 34-year-old actor’s birthday, we bring you five dramas you can watch or re-watch.

Legend Of The Blue Sea

Legend Of The Blue Sea has almost everything from mermaids, comedy, con artists, and romance. Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) is a mermaid who came on land and has trouble fitting in. When Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) meets Shim Chung, she immediately catches his attention. The con artist and the mermaid soon get emotionally attached. But there may be an inevitable fate between the two.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Personal Taste

In Personal Taste, Park Gae In (Son Ye Jin)  is unlucky in love. Her boyfriend cheats on her and breaks up with her, her job is also threatened. However, she meets Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) who is an architect. Jin Ho wants to help her out financially by being her roommate. Gae In mistakenly thinks that he’s queer.


But Jin Ho’s motives were directed towards the house. Gae In’s father was a great architect and he designed their house in a special and specific way. But the two discover their feelings for each other in the process.

Where To Watch: KissAsian

Boys Over Flowers

Although Boys Over Flowers is not his debut drama, it’s safe to say that it was the one that made the actor rise to stardom. Gu Jun Pyo, a rich and narcissistic young man goes to the top school in Korea (also owned by his mom) with his three other rich friends.

When Geum Jan Di (Koo Hye Sun) is transferred to the school under special circumstances, he gets close to her despite his hatred in the beginning. Following the enemies to lovers trope, Boys Over Flowers is a classic K-Drama that probably won’t get old.

Where To Watch: Netflix


The Heirs

Lee Min Ho becomes a high schooler yet again in The Heirs. Paired on-screen with Park Shin Hye, the drama tells the story of two young adults who are passionately in love.

Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) comes from a middle-class family. She has to work for her tuition money and save it up. However, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is a rich chaebol who doesn’t have to worry about money. The duo’s fate gets entangled.

Where To Watch: Netflix

City Hunter

Lee Min Ho plays an undercover assassin named Lee Yoon Sung. He wants to get rid of the dirty politics in South Korea. On one of his missions, he meets Kim Na Na (Park Bo Young) who works as a bodyguard.

The two then form an alliance to take their revenge and complete their mission. They also start getting romantically involved with each other as they spend more time together.

Where To Watch: Drama.Cool

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