Viral Video: Woman Proposes Pilot Girlfriend Mid-Flight On A Pride Month Special Plane

Woman Proposes Partner On Board
What happens when one takes the “love is in the air” phrase quite literally? For this queer couple, it certainly meant popping the question while flying high. A video of a flight attendant going down on one knee to propose to her partner during the flight has gone viral.

The woman proposed to her partner while they were on board a special Pride flight; this has all the internet swooning!

Woman Proposes Partner On Board

Veronica Rojas, a flight attendant for a famous airline first met her partner Alejandra Moncayo on a flight nearly two years ago, reports stated. So, it is only apt that the two began the next chapter of their relationship in the air. The airline was celebrating Pride Month with a special ‘Fly With Pride’ plane and it became the perfect venue for Rojas to propose to her partner.

The newly inducted pilot Moncayo was asked by her partner to accompany her for a “pride delight” flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles but she was not expecting to be proposed. Reportedly, Rojas proposed to her in her flight attendant style over the in-flight public address system in both English and Spanish.

In the viral video, that was shared by the airline, the couple is seen recalling their first meeting by talking over the telephone. Everyone–the passengers and fellow cabin crew members–was seen cheering aloud and applauding.

According to the airline statement, there was a plot twist waiting for the couple. What? Moncayo had also planned a proposal for her partner. While Rojas decided to do it mid-flight, Moncayo popped the question at the gate and “a double proposal celebration at Los Angeles airport ensued”.

The couple was quoted in the airline’s statement. Moncayo was quoted as saying, “It’s awesome, I feel very, very loved today. Alaska has always been my number one forever. I can definitely tell how much they care.” While Rojas said, “All the love and support is just super overwhelming and amazing,” about the support they received from the airline.

Earlier, a pilot with Indigo had surprised his wife on board with a special announcement for her. Before the take-off, pilot Alneez Virani mentioned his wife in the in-flight announcement which left her surprised.

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