Transgender Community Demands For Separate Wards At Hospitals In Jharkhand

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Jharkhand Transgender community demands separate wards: The transgender community of Jharkhand haS demanded separate arrangements in hospitals. The demand comes amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases, during which Transgender people expressed their discomfort in sharing wards either with men or women.

On Monday, April 12, transgender people from across Jharkhand gathered in front of the Jharkhand Legal Services Authority (JHALSA) office demanding basic rights.

Amarjeet Kinner from Bokro said that even though they do not feel comfortable with either men or women, transgenders who had come to Jharkhand from different states were lodged in the quarantine centres with women.

Kinner also said that the government should make separate arrangements for them in the hospitals. It is equally dangerous for cis and trans people in this situation, and they all should also have access to basic facilities.

Kinner also said that Jharkhand hospitals have neither separate community centres nor separate bed arrangements or trans people.

Separate arrangements for beds have been made in some of the neighbouring states for transgenders but there is no such facility in Jharkhand.

In 2014, the Supreme  Court of India had recognised transgender as the third gender, thus safeguarding their rights under the Constitution of India. But are transgender people recognised as the third by the nation? Do they have separate bathrooms at restaurants or bus stations? Does every state ensure transgender people have separate wards at hospitals?

On April 12, the SC asked Centre to respond to a plea regarding discrimination against transgender people. The plea sought the establishment of a welfare board and a committee that would respond promptly respond to complaints of abuse at hands of police. The please said that transgender people are deprived of social and cultural participation even today in the country. They have restricted access to education, health care and public places which further deprives them of the constitutional guarantee of equality before law and thus equal protection of law.

However, there are many states that have paid heed to the matter in question, reserving wards or beds at hospitals for transgender people during COVID-19.

In April 2020, the government of West Bengal reserved 10 beds for transgender persons. This decision was taken so that trans people can get the treatment without being subjected to unnecessary indifference or judgement from cis people. Apart from West Bengal, the government of Telangana also reserved spaces for transgender people to get treated from COVID-19. Read about it here.

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