Pride Month Special: 5 Indian Queer Characters That We Adore

Let's explore some of the beloved Indian queer characters and delves into the reasons behind their popularity. It is a testament to the growing acceptance, representation, and progress of LGBTQ+ narratives in the Indian entertainment industry.

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Indian Queer Characters
As Pride month is embarking upon, we look back at Indian media and take a look at some of the most renowned queer characters who have blessed us with their fictional presence.

In recent years, Indian media has witnessed a significant shift in the portrayal of Indian queer characters. These characters have not only captured the attention of audiences but have also garnered immense love and appreciation.

Let's explore some of the beloved Indian queer characters and delve into the reasons behind their popularity. It is a testament to the growing acceptance, representation, and &t=860s">progress of LGBTQ+ narratives in the Indian entertainment industry.

While some of these films and characters are based on real queer people and their struggles and others are fictional characters, they all have on thing in common. These Indian queer characters won the hearts of audiences.

5 Indian Queer Characters That We Adore

Pallavi Patel in Maja Ma

Maja Ma, a recently released Amazon Prime film, delves into the life of Pallavi Patel (played by Madhuri Dixit), a middle-aged closeted lesbian who lives with her husband and two grown-up children in Vadodara, Gujarat.


The film carefully addresses one's desires as well as the anxieties and concerns of an older LGBTQ+ individual living in a close-knit family via the figure of Pallavi. The film hints at the novel ways in which modern India is expected to handle the contradictions between the deeply ingrained cultural desire for heterosexual marriage on the one hand, and the queer identities on the other hand.

Pallavi comments at a pivotal moment in the film, "Aside from being a daughter, wife, and mother, I do have an identity."

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Vidhya In Naanu Avanalla.... Avalu

The film was remarkable for the Kannada cinema industry, from showing 10-year-old Maadesha's feminine characteristics through his metamorphosis into Vidhya with depth and empathy. The audience is taken on a trip into Vidhya's internal mindscape, as well as how she struggles with rejection from her loved ones and her desire to support herself without turning to beg or sex work, which is frequently the only means of subsistence accessible to transgender people in the nation.

The story was inspired by the life of Living Smile Vidya, a well-known actor, director, and trans activist. She has been an outspoken supporter of an equitable depiction of trans persons in movies, condemning the industry's caricatured and biased storylines.


Manjari Chaturvedi In Margarita with a Straw

The film "Margarita with a Straw" showcases Manjari, a bisexual woman with cerebral palsy, portrayed brilliantly by Sayani Gupta. Manjari's character not only explores her sexuality but also addresses her disability, highlighting the intersectionality of her identity. Audiences connected with her vulnerability, strength, and honest depiction of her journey, leading to immense admiration for this groundbreaking character.

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Professor Ramchandra Siras in Aligarh

The film, based on the true story of Professor Ramchandra Siras (Aligarh Muslim University), who died by suicide in 2010 after a video of his sexual relationship with another man went viral, demonstrated how pre-existing stereotypes can have such an impact on people's lives that they end up dying.

Neena and Jeetu From Badhaai Do


The film revolves around the story of two characters, Jeetu and Neena, who come from different backgrounds and find themselves brought together by unique circumstances. Jeetu, a gay man, is a physiotherapist, and Neena, a lesbian, is a police officer.

It portrays the journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and breaking societal barriers. Through its storytelling, "Badhaai Do" aims to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues and promote inclusivity and empathy. The film presents a positive and uplifting representation of LGBTQ characters and their relationships, shedding light on the diverse experiences and emotions within the community.

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'Umang,' portrayed by Bani J in Four More Shots, Please

After its debut, the phrase "Four more shots, please" was heard everywhere. 'Umang' (played by Bani J), a strong, independent, carefree bisexual girl with her own sets of ambiguities, was one of the four female leads. The world fell in love with the fictional figure Umang because of this precise quality that made her so accessible. Umang was the first successful bisexual character to appear on the screen. People started to wish they could have a friend like "Umang" as the show went on.

Alok from Made in Heaven

The web series Made in Heaven features Alok, a gay wedding planner portrayed by Arjun Mathur. Alok's character resonated with viewers due to his multifaceted nature and his struggles in navigating his sexuality in a conservative society. The show's portrayal of Alok's journey fostered empathy, understanding, and awareness of the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in India, ultimately earning him a devoted fan base.

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