Women Of My Billion: Srishti Bakshi's 3800 Km Pan India Walk Of Purpose

In an interview with SheThePeople, Srishti Bakshi discussed the inspiration behind her ambitious project. She revealed the origins of her idea and what drove her to embark on such a demanding journey.

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Women of My Billion

Women of My Billion, Image Credit: Trailer/ YT Women Of My Billion, Kanyakumari To Kashmir: Srishti Bakshi's 3800 Km Walk

Priyanka Chopra Jonas's latest production, Women of My Billion, made its debut on Prime Video on May 3. Directed by Ajitesh Sharma, this compelling documentary follows the inspiring journey of Srishti Bakshi, who embarked on an extraordinary 3,800-kilometre walking pilgrimage from Kanyakumari to Kashmir over 240 days. What was Bakshi’s mission? To uncover and share the incredible stories of women—their struggles, dreams, rights, and triumphs against all odds. 


In an interview with SheThePeople, Srishti Bakshi discussed the inspiration behind her ambitious project. She revealed the origins of her idea and what drove her to embark on such a demanding journey to amplify the voices and stories of women throughout India.

She articulated that her journey began while she was living in Hong Kong, working as a marketing professional for five years. During this time, she often encountered people curious about India but hesitant to visit due to safety concerns for their families. This reluctance deeply affected her, motivating her to take action.

Inspiration And Motivation Behind Bakshi's Walk

She expressed, "I am an army officer's daughter, so I have a deep love for my nation. It used to put questions in my mind. Until one day, I came across a news article on Highway 91 where a mother and a daughter were gang raped in front of the father. And it moved me to a degree where I could not sit with myself; it was just too horrific. And up until that time, I was an armchair activist, and I felt that I had to do something about this. And not just, you know, kind of point fingers at others to do something about it. So I left my job. And when I came back to India, alongside UN Women and a host of partners, I decided that I was going to go on the ground and ask the women themselves, What is going on? Is there a solution? Is it my country, you know? When will my country heal? So from this, that's the reason why I chose the medium of walking."

She chose to embark on the journey after discussing her movement plan with her 90-year-old grandmother. She believed that this approach would resonate with people and create a true people's movement.

Bakshi's walking pilgrimage exposed the deep-rooted gender biases and social injustices faced by Indian women every day. She met a wide range of individuals, from schoolchildren to village women, all affected by societal norms dictating their lives. Bakshi highlighted the prescribed lives many girls lead, where societal expectations often limit their choices. She also noted the prevalence of domestic violence, which is normalised within households, perpetuating generational cycles of abuse.


She said, "Talking about bias, it is from day one when she is born because she is born as a liability. Till today, till this date in the country, dowry is still very prevalent. And dowry makes it impossible for a girl to be somebody who is looked at as an equal. She's a liability; a boy is an investment. You know, this is a very, very ingrained feeling in our culture and society. So these are some of the things that I can highlight today."

Resilience And Impact

Bakshi shared how she remained resilient in pursuing this mission despite the challenges and obstacles she encountered along the way. "You know, the reason I continued this journey despite the devastating stories I encountered along the way is because of a profound experience I had with an Asha worker." 

As Bakshi puts it "After meeting a family who had lost their daughter to a horrific crime, I was deeply affected and almost couldn't continue. But the next morning, I worked with a group of Asha workers, and one woman approached me, visibly bruised from a violent incident the night before. She said to me, 'After seeing your work today, I have the courage to ask for help. I will not let this happen to me.' This moment was life-changing for me. It filled me with hope and reinforced that my work was meaningful. Even if I can impact just one woman's life and prevent further violence, it's worth it. I continue on this path because I believe in the power of change and the importance of ending violence against women."

Priyanka Chopra's Support

As Bakshi shared insights into Priyanka Chopra's backing of the film, she emphasised how their shared background and values motivated Priyanka to amplify this story and bring it to the world. She said, "Priyanka Chopra's involvement in supporting this film and project has been instrumental. She watched the film and documentary, and from there, we discussed collaborating. Chopra is unique in her approach to supporting initiatives that align with her intrinsic motivations. As a UNICEF brand ambassador and a mother herself, she holds a strong vision for gender equality and believes in empowering women."

She concluded, "Her contribution has been crucial in bringing this documentary to fruition, and we are grateful for the strong support she has provided throughout this journey."

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