Sole-Mate For All: Tanushri Biyani's Bridal Footwear Brand Blends Comfort & Luxe

In an interview with SheThePeople, Tanushri Biyani delves deeper into the intricacies of her bridal sneaker brand, her approach to customisation and why she desires to keep all brides carefree and happy.

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As a short girl with tiny feet, I have a tough time finding the right pair of footwear. This struggle intensified when I was putting together my bridal trousseau. While most of my friends have long graduated into women’s shoes with fancy grown-up pairs of pumps, and heels, I gradually slide towards children’s size 1.5 (which is a 3.5 in women’s sizes, if you could find it). However, the game has changed now with many brands aligning inclusive sizes, and designs and even offering customisation. 


When I stumbled upon Tanushri Biyani's designer footwear label Anaar, I was stunned to discover the chunky bridal sneakers. They have the sparkle, sheen and all the glamour complementing a bridal outfit. It gives the much-needed elevation of heels (for short girlies like me), the comfort of sneakers and dazzles with ornate designer outfits.

In an interview with SheThePeople, Biyani delves deeper into the intricacies of her designer collection, her approach to customisation and her desire to keep all brides carefree and happy. "Our personalized approach allows brides to customize their sneakers, ensuring they feel both stylish and connected to their heritage. By staying attuned to fashion trends and our customers' desires, we create bridal sneakers that are both trendy and timeless, making every bride's journey uniquely special", she adds.

Anaar has quite built a niche market with an exploration of fusion fashion — blending traditional crafts like hand embroidery, zardozi, brocade, and mirror work into wedged sneakers. Their latest collection Citruses by the Sea offers a mix of trendy denim canvases transformed by the delicate artistry of intricate embroidery, along with a display of floral motifs. 

Biyani asserts it was a conscious choice to incorporate age-old techniques into their sneakers to offer brides something special and culturally resonant, "We aimed to move beyond conventional designs and create a unique fusion that celebrates Indian craftsmanship while offering modern, stylish options for brides."

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Biyani believes Anaar has everything to offer for brides seeking novelty, be it gold, silver, stones, sequins, or pastels. She says, "Beyond fashion and functionality, women are drawn to Anaar for our commitment to quality, customization, and cultural resonance. Our sneakers are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering designs that blend traditional Indian artistry with contemporary styles. Personalised customer service and the ability to customize designs ensure each bride feels special and can express her unique style."


Why do they call themselves Anaar? 

"Our brand is a modern-day motif adorning women fluent in the language of couture celebrations. The brand embodies the pomegranate’s crown as a symbol of prosperity. The fruit’s colour is a reminder of great love, an emotion that sits at the core of Indian ceremonies. Our footwear catalogue is an ode to these rituals that survived generations and became our biggest inspiration. With Anaar, you will rekindle your love for Indian culture through contemporary and comfortable shoe designs," Biyani adds. 

Anaar is quietly creating waves in the sneaker industry, which is predominantly ruled by men. However, Biyani says the most rewarding part is redefining bridal fashion, "Seeing brides light up when they find the perfect blend of comfort, tradition, and style in our sneakers is incredibly fulfilling. It's a joy to contribute to their special day while breaking barriers." 

While the bridal sneaker market is still in a nascent stage, Biyani hopes it will evolve more through innovation and personalisation.

She shares her vision, "As comfort continues to be a priority, we'll see more brides choosing sneakers that reflect their unique personalities and cultural backgrounds. Trends will likely incorporate advanced materials, sustainable practices, and even more intricate designs, making bridal sneakers a mainstream choice for weddings."

Biyani's key takeaways for young women entrepreneurs looking to get into creative business


•    Stay True to Your Vision: Believe in your unique ideas and stay committed to your creative vision.

•    Embrace Innovation: Continuously innovate and adapt to changing trends while maintaining quality and authenticity.

•    Build Strong Relationships: Foster meaningful connections with your customers and partners, and prioritize exceptional customer service.

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