Musical Sensation, Law Student: Shahat Gill Leaves No Stone Unturned

In an interview with SheThePeople, musician Shahat Gill shared her captivating journey through the world of music woven with a passion to innovate and inspire.

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India's vibrant music scene is buzzing with creativity and innovation as young stars like Shahat Gill have emerged as symbols of dynamism. With a voice as smooth as desi makkhan (butter), the Punjabi singer-songwriter is poised to shake up the landscape with her catchy tracks. Speaking to SheThePeople in an exclusive interview, Gill shared the inspiration behind her latest earworm, Hulaare. She describes it as her "inner voice that’s reaching out to all the women out there," a poem of self-love and empowerment. "I try to envision my songs as my personality," she expressed. 


Exemplifying this very confidence, Shahat Gill recounted her story of climbing the ladder in the music industry and overcoming numerous roadblocks along the way. She also shared her vision for the future of Punjabi music, a boundless space for artists to showcase their talents and rich culture to the world.

Stepping Into World Of Music

Born and raised in a family immersed in the musical culture, Shahat Gill's life has been steeped in melodies and rhythms. "Music runs in my veins," Chandigarh-origin artist's exclaimed. Interestingly, alongside her artistic passion, she is also pursuing a degree in law.

However, stepping into the musical career was not without its tribulations. She recalled, "Many producers did not understand the type of music I wanted to make, the type of voice I wanted to raise. Some favoured bigger and better opportunities for the male singers. But I believe it’s a part of obstacles that make struggles a success one day."

Recalling how far she has come today, Gill said, "It all used to feel like a dream, it felt too far for me to reach out to where I am today. I just didn’t know whom to reach out to, how to find the right person, the right place for me." She confessed that she frequently finds herself needing a gentle pinch to affirm the reality of fulfilling her ambitions.


Gill credits her team's support for inching her closer to her goals. "I could not have imagined any better team than whom I’m with right now. My chosen family, they have pushed my personality through my music in no way better than anybody," she expressed. A dream come true, Gill has inked a deal with one of India's largest record labels.

Insights On Punjabi Music Space

Somewhere between busting a move to bangers by Hard Kaur and vibing to the soulful voice of Diljit Dosanjh, we all grew up. Now stepping into the Punjabi music scene are artists like Gill, with a vision to make a lasting impact. "Artists hailing from Punjab have not forgotten their roots and have made our traditions be heard worldwide," she proudly exclaimed.

Explaining the cultural shift reeled in by the digital age, Gill said, "The fusion of urban music with contemporary Punjabi culture has transformed the landscape of music in today’s world. Social media has accelerated the transition and Punjabi music has traveled internationally to a universal marketplace, with collaboration of artists across the globe."

Shahat Gill Off-Studio

When asked about her life outside the music studio, Gill asserted, "Music is the only escape when it comes to me. It brings me peace. Sometimes, it might be mentally or emotionally exhausting, but that’s the beauty of it. With passion comes everything. Music can be soulful to de-stress me, be it an instrument or humming to the tunes of melody."

She continued, "When low, there are songs that hype me up and make me feel better, when emotionally torn, there are songs that express your feelings and pain in no better way. My mantra for finding peace and dealing with challenges is through music itself." She added that she also enjoys exercising, dancing, and reading poetry

As an emerging star in the entertainment industry, Gill hopes to carve a path for more women to boldly represent their culture through art. "I feel women in today’s world are confident and self-assured. I like my music to bring energy and self-love to everyone listening out there," she expressed.

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