From Sports To Humour, What Led Sameeksha Takke Into Content Creation

Popular among young audiences, Sameeksha Takke recently, in conversation with SheThePeople, shared that her journey from the sports field to viral fame is a fascinating blend of passion and humour.

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Meet Sameeksha Takke, the creator who effortlessly bridges the worlds of sports prowess and comedic charm. She's known for her fun collaborations with national sports channels and legends, along with creating hilarious skits like 'Tomboy Girl in Boys Group' and 'Smart Kaam Wali Kamla'. Popular among young audiences, Sameeksha Takke recently, in conversation with SheThePeople, shared that her journey from the sports field to viral fame is a fascinating blend of passion and humour.


Before stepping into the world of content creation, Sameeksha had a different journey. She loved cricket, baseball, and softball, and her days were filled with sports. She shares, "I was a complete tomboy, I had this whole tomboy group in my college. Even in school, I was like a typical tomboy girl."

Pitch To Platform: Sameeksha Takke's Journey As Content Creator

Sameeksha's early experiences were shaped by her determination to be independent, "I started earning from the 12th standard. I worked part-time, never taking money from my parents for my studies. When I started my Master of Commerce, I realised that a part-time job wasn't enough. So I took up a full-time job at a bank." Despite her job, sports remained her passion. She played national-level baseball and softball, often taking breaks from work to play matches. "I had to pick one stone and go ahead in my life," she says.

Her transition into content creation was gradual. "I used to just share my journey over the ground, not expecting any monetary returns out of it," she explains. In 2019, after leaving her job, she decided to take content creation seriously. She experimented with various niches, from travel and fashion to cooking. But it was during the COVID-19 pandemic that she found her true calling in relatable comedy. "I started liking comedy as well, and that kind of became my niche."

Embracing Content Creation During The Pandemic

Sameeksha's comedic content resonated with many, especially with the rise of Reels during the pandemic. The push from Reels helped her reach a wider audience, and comedy became her main focus. Yet, she never stopped engaging in sports, maintaining a balance between her passions.


Despite her popularity as a content creator, Sameeksha remains humble and introspective. "My mother’s advice to 'do what you love and love what you do' has always guided me. I understood that a 9-to-5 job wasn't my path. I released, ‘Yes, I can earn money, but not equivalent to what I'm earning right now. But I can earn money, but I'm not happy mentally.’"

She shares a poignant story about her time in a corporate job. "There was a time when I was doing my 9-to-5 job. It wasn't even 9 to 5. It was 8 am to 10 pm," she recalls. The long hours and commute were draining, and the only peace she found was during her 10-minute hot showers. "I used to mentally prepare myself for the day's challenges in those 10 minutes." This routine made her realise that she wasn't happy in her corporate role. 

Sameeksha emphasises that while many may find fulfilment in corporate jobs, it's important not to suppress one's passions. "Try to enjoy it and find a way to get happiness from it," she advises. Her love for cameras, talking, and creating jokes has been evident since childhood, even if she didn’t fully realise it until the pandemic. 

Post-Content Creation Achievements and Aspirations


Sameeksha's journey into content creation is filled with memorable moments and milestones that showcase her growth and achievements. Reflecting on her life after stepping into the world of content creation, she recalls several happy moments that stand out. One significant moment was when her family bought their first car. For her middle-class family, such experiences were monumental.

Another highlight for Sameeksha was meeting her fans in person. "Inlfunecrs have the following but when you meet those people in front of you—at a social event, that actually means something to me," she says. These interactions and the appreciation from her audience have been a driving force for her. 

One of her dreams was to visit New York, which she achieved through her work. "New York has always been on my checklist. It was on my bucket list that I wanted to go to New York, but I didn't know how I would go. Through content creation, I got the opportunity to go to New York, watch India vs. Pakistan, and visit my dream country and destination."


Despite the importance of numbers for influencers, Sameeksha emphasises that the quality of content is what truly matters. "Some content doesn't get that many views, but that doesn't mean the content is bad. The content is good, but people have different points of view. As a creator, you have to move on to the next content," she explains. She focuses on ensuring her audience is happy and presenting valuable content from a brand perspective.

In discussing the future, Samiksha mentions her aspirations to enter Bollywood and admires fellow creators who have set high standards in the industry. "There's a lot to achieve through content creation. What matters in the long run, according to every creator, is the most important thing. So, side by side, I will definitely try to get into acting and other stuff as well as I love comedy."

Sameeksha also expresses her joy for Taran Singh's success with the movie Munjya, saying, "Taran is a close friend, and I'm truly happy for him. We often banter over our support for the Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians. He's doing amazing work."

Reflecting on opportunities in comedy as a woman creator, she noted, "Boys seem to have more opportunities due to their stronger grasp in the industry. I haven't seen many girls in comedy roles. If given the chance, like Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh, I would definitely explore acting roles that fit my creative vision."

She also shares how she started her content creation journey influenced by Prajakta Koli and continues to admire her and other first-generation creators, known for their "gold and organic" content. She shared, "Prajakta has set a bar and has always been my inspiration. Because of her, I started content creation. So many people are creators and have acting projects. So, yeah, if I get such roles and opportunities, I will go ahead and do it.”

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